How to Prevent the Flu Naturally without the 2013 Flu Shot

By Colleen Russell

We know that wellness is possible with a low-stress lifestyle, a proper diet, an exercise regiment, adequate sleep, and good hygiene. Our natural immunities will protect us as long as we calm down, go for a walk, go to bed at a reasonable hour, and wash our hands, right? Exposure to our world, an organic process that starts at birth, allows our bodies to build an immune system ordinarily very capable of warding off toxins. Sometimes, though, despite all our efforts, our immune systems alone cannot protect us from the plethora of new germs and viruses invading our surroundings. The 2013 flu season, for example, has hit our country with unprecedented voracity, taking entire schools and workplaces in its grasp. It has invaded every state in our country, causing a reported 18 child and 29 adult deaths.

So, unless you are able to bunker down somewhere for the next 8 weeks while the rest of the United States rides it out, protecting yourself from flu season is in your best interest. The campaign to vaccinate our entire population in hopes of stopping the flu in its tracks, even with its inherent flaws, has failed. The CDC admits that in its finest hour, the 2013 flu vaccine is only 60% effective. So, 60 out of every 100 people who receive the flu vaccine will absolutely not get the flu, right? Unfortunately, no. That number is the result of a very long math equation involving probabilities, assumptions, risk factors, and propaganda. The shocking fact is that only 1 or 2 of those 100 will have the absolute protection they expect from the flu shot. The Lancet Infectious Diseases published a study last week revealing that these CDC numbers do not mean what the government purports. LID studies found that only a minuscule 1.5% of type A and B influenza can be prevented by utilizing the vaccine alone. As informed healthcare consumers, we must deploy natural methods to strengthen our immune systems and to improve our overall health.

So, how do we suggest that you prevent the flu naturally?

Boosting our immune systems should be the primary focus of illness prevention, and adding a few supplements to our daily regiment is the simplest change we can make. The human body has the innate ability to find a healthy balance, something the flu shot cannot claim to do. Proactively supporting our immune systems will help our bodies to keep that balance, assuring that we stay off of that metaphorical hamster wheel of modern medicine.

What does Nourishing World recommend?

We proudly carry and recommend a full line of whole food vitamin and mineral supplements, antioxidant-rich cod liver oil capsules, and probiotic dietary aids. We have been scouring the market since 2008 and are proud to bring you the best immune-boosting products, many of which have been around for centuries. Yes, folks. This is your Grandmother’s medicine, and it really is good for you. (And good for the planet!)

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