Illness Prevention: The Path to Robust Health

By Colleen Russell

Follow a natural path to take charge of your good health.

The Focus of Today’s Medicine

Modern medicine has armies of trained professionals on its side with a myriad of diagnostic and treatment options at their patient’s disposal. These practitioners stand poised and ready to cure whatever might ail you, often paying little mind to preventing you from getting sick in the first place. Most people leave their doctor’s office with a stack of prescriptions, one tiny white paper to accompany each complaint uttered during their appointment. We have a pharmaceutical industry backed by our government spending billions in media dollars alone to convince us all that we NEED to swallow our pills to get well.

We are told that we must vaccinate or we will fall ill, we must use the latest and greatest equipment and succumb to the most comprehensive schedule of tests to diagnose, treat, and cure disease. We demand a cure for the common cold. We willingly inject our bodies with caustic substances for fear of getting sick and all but bathe in anti-bacterial gel to keep germs at bay. We operate under the philosophy that we need to keep going to maintain a competitive edge and cannot be bothered to slow down and take care of ourselves. When we get sick, we will deal with it–as quickly as possible!

There’s no time to rest, no time to relax, no time to eat healthy foods, no time to exercise, and no time to pay attention when our bodies are screaming for help. Instead, we run our bodies ragged. We skip exercise, eat processed food, and ignore our expanding waistlines — all while burning the candle at both ends. We don’t give much thought to wellness until we are sidelined by an illness, and even then we blame our bodies for failing us. We quickly seek medical help, demanding the fastest solution to our acute problem. Whether it is the surgery that will have us up and running in two weeks or the wonder drug that will nip our cold virus in the bud, we will take anything at any cost as long as it ensures the least amount of down time, right? Well…maybe we shouldn’t.

Who is in Control of Your Health?

Is it you, your doctor, or someone else? Big Pharma has a larger-than-life stake in the course of modern medicine, and its influence on your care is constant and overbearing. In your doctor’s office, a gorgeous, well-dressed drug rep is dropping off a catered lunch and a stack of free samples to distribute. Your doctor is wined and dined, awarded with lavish gifts and resort vacations, and offered huge incentives for prescribing that company’s meds to you, the patient. Should the proper treatment course for your care be based on which company shelled out for the best meal, or on what will give you the best result?

Even in our own homes, we are bombarded with propaganda as advertisements tell us to ask our doctor about this drug or that. The pages of our magazines are full of drug ads warning us that we may be experiencing some terrible disease. Flip on the tv, and you are sure to be dazzled with a commercial advertising the newest, latest, greatest, and most expensive prescription drug on the market. Just make sure to watch it to the very end, past the glitz and glam, when the staggering list of side effects is rambled off in hurried tones. The benefits too often outweigh the risks. (Does it not boggle the mind to hear that a medication prescribed to increase the size of a man’s stream of urine would cause nausea, vomiting, insomnia, dizziness, fainting, erectile disfunction, suicidal thoughts, liver damage, and even death? Why take on a dozen new problems to repair a single, seemingly insignificant one?) While we’re at it, we might question the reason for the pharmaceutical industry to be advertising to the consumer in the first place. If a product is only available by prescription, won’t our doctors suggest it to us if it fits our needs? Besides, anyone who has ever taken a so-called “maintenance medication” knows how difficult it can be to wean themselves off of it. Fill that first expensive prescription, and you hop on a hamster wheel of medical intervention that has you at the pharmacy counter month after month.

There must be a better way!

Maybe, we should just stay healthy. Perhaps keeping our bodies and minds in great alignment and treating ourselves with wonderful care will mean that we will not need all the interventions that we have come to expect. If that is true, we will have more time, not less. What a concept! So, what are we waiting for? The time has come to switch gears; to stop battling illness and to work proactively to arm our bodies with the tools it needs to maintain wellness. It is our goal at Nourishing World to inform the healthcare consumer that not only are there choices, but that the most natural choice is almost always the one with the least consequences.

At Nourishing World, we believe that the secret to avoiding illness is maintaining excellent health. In the coming days, we will show you how you can change the course of your life by implementing simple lifestyle changes and giving your body all that it needs to thrive. We will showcase a series of whole food vitamins and explain the difference in the way the body processes whole foods versus synthetics. We will explain the importance of probiotics for dietary and immune support. We will show you some of our favorite products designed to keep you healthy, boost your energy, and get you excited to live your life. Ready? Your journey starts right now!

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