The 2013 Green Pastures Butter Oil Cod Liver Oil Blend Supply Shortage


By Colleen Russell

Green Pastures Butter Oil/Cod Liver Oil Blend; The Good, the Bad, and the Alternatives

The Good:
At Nourishing World, we can’t get enough of Green Pastures. We could speak for hours about the company’s old-world processing methods and its incredible Cod Liver Oil, Butter Oil, and Skate Fish Oil products. The Green Pastures mission to bring a Fermented Cod Liver Oil along with a High Vitamin Butter Oil to the market requires an incredible passion and dedication to the Weston A. Price philosophy. Adhering to no-heat processing methods and utilizing high-vitamin ingredient sources ensures that Green Pastures products are the highest quality, most bioavailable supplements we can find.

The Bad
So, if we can’t get enough of Green Pastures, what could possibly be bad? Well, we literally can’t get enough. Green Pastures Butter Oil and Butter Oil/Cod Liver Blend supply cannot always meet the increasing market demand. High Vitamin Butter Oil can only be extracted from a specific kind of butter from the milk of particular cows grazing on especially green pasture grass during a limited number of months of the year. If each one of these conditions is not present and optimal for producing High Vitamin Butter Oil, Green Pastures does not try to bottle and sell it. They don’t take any shortcuts; it’s either the very best or nothing at all, which means that certain factors will negatively impact the Butter Oil supply from year to year. During leaner years when these supply limitations arise, you will find that Green Pastures Butter Oil and Green Pastures Butter Oil/Cod Liver Oil blend is out of stock or on backorder from many suppliers. This year, a drought affected the pastures where the cows graze, causing a supply shortage. Peaceful Planet’s inventory was affected this week, and we have been filling orders as soon as the product comes in. Unfortunately, the popular Green Pastures Butter Oil/Cod Liver Blend is currently out of stock for the next few weeks, until approximately March 18, 2013. The stock shortage is predicted to wax and wane through June of 2013, when we expect that it will be business as usual for our supply of Green Pastures. Throughout the spring, Green Pastures will only be able to produce a limited amount of Butter Oil and Butter Oil/Cod Liver Oil Blends, as there is only a certain amount of butter oil that their cows can produce.

The Alternatives

If You Need Your Green Pastures Shipment Now:

1. Currently, the easiest and fastest solution to skirting the butter oil shortage is to purchase 1 bottle of butter oil and 2 bottles of fermented cod liver oil, a four-month supply, which will ensure that you are well-stocked all the way to July, when the supply shortage will resolve. Peaceful Planet has both the unflavored and orange-flavored Cod Liver Oils in stock, and has Butter Oil in stock as well. You can find these low-priced combo packs here.

2. Alternately, using Green Pastures Skate Liver Oil in place of High Vitamin Butter oil will give you the same X-Factor you have been getting from your High Vitamin Butter Oil. Purchasing 1 bottle of Skate Liver Oil and 2 bottles of Fermented Cod Liver Oil (in either orange or plain) will also give you a four-month supply and is a great substitution for High Vitamin Butter Oil. You can find these low-priced combo packs here.

If You Simply Must Have the Blend (and don’t mind waiting…)

1. Peaceful Planet is taking backorders for products that are out of stock. You are welcome to place an order to ensure that your Green Pastures Butter Oil/Cod Liver Oil Blend will be shipped out as soon as it arrives.

2. Our orders will be coming in approximately every 2 weeks. You can check our website for stock info, which is updated daily, or follow our twitter, facebook, or blog for up-to-the minute news on the stock situation.


7 thoughts on “The 2013 Green Pastures Butter Oil Cod Liver Oil Blend Supply Shortage

  1. if i already have the cod liver oil/butter blend can i still use the skate liver oil with that as well ? are there good benefits in skate oil that will help with skin as well ?

    • Hi Crystal, You can take skate liver oil in conjunction with the cod liver oil/butter oil blend. This triple-combination is even recommended for people who need high doses of “Activator X” for treating tooth decay but, because of clotting issues, cannot take more than the standard dosage of butter oil.
      You are correct, skate liver oil is very beneficial to the skin. Skate Liver Oil, because it is extracted from a cartilaginous fish, is 4 times higher in Vitamin E than Cod Liver Oil. People who use skate liver oil often report that their skin looks and feels great. It is often recommended to people with acne who suffer from frequent breakouts. New research is also showing that skate fish oil can help rebuild connective tissue after an injury because of its high levels of chondroitin.

  2. Hi Colleen, I am new to FCLO/Butter Oil and came across your site. Great read. I wanted to ask what you meant by “but, because of clotting issues, cannot take more than the standard dosage of butter oil.” Do high doses of butter oil go against clotting? is this blood clotting? why so? Thanks for your great work!

    • Thanks, Jon! As always, check with your doctor if you have specific questions about medications or treatments. Butter oil is high in Vitamin K, which is a fat-soluable vitamin that enhances blood clotting. While that is great for someone with hemophilia whose blood does not clot properly, it can have an adverse effect on someone prone to blood clots. So, if you have a history of blood clots or are taking a blood thinner, it’s best to avoid anything with high levels of vitamin K, which includes High Vitamin Butter Oil. The concern with blood thinning meds is that Vitamin K can affect Coumadin levels, which are very closely monitored in patients who take it.

    • It is more cost effective, yes. The cost per bottle is about the same, but you get more servings per bottle with the gel form. But, keep in mind we cannot accept returns due to taste, color, smell, texture etc. If you get the gel form, be prepared. Although some people like it, many find fermented cod liver oil hard to take at first. It usually takes a while to get used to it. We don’t take it because it tastes good, we take it for all the great benefits for our health. 😉

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