Medicinal Honey: Antibiotic Alternative That Withstands The Test of Time

I was amazed by the benefits of Manuka Honey. You can be too!

by Colleen Russell

Medicinal and honey aren’t two words that naturally fit together in my brain. The word medicinal conjures images of lab coats, hospitals, shots, and prescription bottles. Honey, on the other hand, makes me think of the cute little bear-shaped bottle that I squeeze into my tea. It doesn’t seem possible that the two could go hand in hand, the sterile antiseptic smell of a hospital ward and the clover-sweet smell of amber gel. Over the past few years, though, I have heard snippits here and there about medicinal honey, the healing powers of honey, and the use of honey as an alternative to drug-based therapies. A popular TV doctor recently aired a show on antibiotic-resistant disease and featured Manuka Honey, a medicinal honey that he presented as an alternative to antibiotic use. Could it be that there really is something to this medihoney, the natural product reportedly wiping out strains of the MRSA virus, healing strep throat infections without broad-spectrum antibiotics, and healing DVT wounds that had been open and considered untreatable for years? My heart is all for alternative health, but my mind is consumed by skepticism, so I have put in my fair share of research on medicinal honey. In the end, I’m a true believer, having found out some pretty incredible information that I still can’t believe I didn’t know before.

Is there really a special medicinal honey?

It turns out that all honey contains methylglyoxal, a natural antibacterial ingredient that gives honey its nonperoxidal quality. There is a particular honey, though, called Manuka Honey, that contains a potent dose of methylglyoxal in high enough proportion to be considered medicinally effective. Manuka Honey has undergone years of rigorous testing by the FDA, the field of medicine, and a long list of independent clinical laboratory groups. They have all come to the same conclusion: Manuka Honey is a very powerful medicinal with health benefits that will revolutionize modern medicine.

Proven Benefits of Manuka Honey for Health:

Manuka Honey as an Acne Treatment
Manuka Honey for Eczema
Digestive Disorders, including Ulcers
Manuka Honey Treats Strep Throat
Manuka Honey Wound Care
Manuka Honey treats MRSA, Staph, and other “superbugs”

Even Doctors Recommend Manuka Honey!

On a TV special profiling effective alternatives to prescription antibiotics, a famous TV doctor recommended using Manuka Honey, a medicinal honey, for treatment of a variety of health ailments.

Where can I buy Manuka Honey?

Manuka Honey is imported to the US from New Zealand, home to the medicinally-significant Manuka Bush. Bees that pollinate the Manuka Bushes create the special Manuka Honey that is creating a loud buzz in the medical world. With such an interest in this medicinal honey, the supply often does not meet the demand, and there are only a few US importers able to bring Manuka Honey home from New Zealand. Nourishing World, after doing an exhaustive quality control search and looking at laboratory data substantiating claims of product potency, decided to partner with Wedderspoon in order to become a medicinal honey supplier. Try Wedderspoon Manuka Honey K Factor 16 available today on our store shelves.

We hope that you will consider medicinal honey as an addition to your natural health bag of tricks, if not just enjoying the delicious flavor. Where do you keep your Manuka Honey; in the kitchen or the medicine cabinet? Please share how Manuka Honey has changed the way you treat illness in your home.

Where to buy manuka Honey

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