How to Be Safe in the Sun: The Best Natural Sunscreens


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by Colleen Russell

The summer is just around the corner. Are you ready? It’s time to start planning vacations and cook-outs, beach days and camp outs. So, what do you need to keep your family safe in the sun? Number one on your list this year should be a mineral-based natural sunscreen. Five years ago, I would have zipped through the pharmacy and grabbed any old tube of sunscreen en route to the beach–the higher the SPF, the better. In fact, I would have chuckled at my future self for spending so much time scouring the EWG Sunscreen Guide in search of the best sunscreen for kids. Alas, here we are and it is more important than ever to educate ourselves on exactly what we are putting on our skin. The skin is your body’s largest organ and the fastest pathway to your bloodsream. This year, we have stocked up on Thinksport Sunscreens for safety and effacacy in sun protection.

What is the difference between chemical sunscreen and mineral sunscreen?

Chemical sunscreens are made of chemicals broken down into nanoparticles; microscopic pieces of chemicals that seep down through the layers of the skin and are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. The vast majority of the sunscreen market, as much as 70%, still incorporates octisalate, oxybenzone, and avobenzone into their formulations. Each of these chemicals is potentially hazardous, offers a lower rate of effectiveness, and often triggers allergic reations, especially in children. Even more concerning is the finding that these chemical ingredients in sunscreens are hormone disrupters. Experts caution against exposure to these toxins, especially for pregnant women and children who will be more severely impacted by hormonal changes to the reproductive, immune, or nervous systems. Chemical sunscreens are readily available and offer great deals on sunscreen, but are not the best choice for a safe, effective sunscreen.
Mineral sunscreens are made of non-toxic mineral-based ingredients that create a physical barrier on top of the skin. Because of the larger size of the mineral particls, these products do not penetrate the skin, and do not put the user at risk for hormone disruption. Mineral sunscreens are more effective, allowing for longer protection in the water and in the sun before reapplication is necessary. Thinksport sunscreens contain zinc oxide, a mineral sunscreen ingredient listed safe and effective by the Environmental Working Group Sunscreen Guide. Thinksport is SPF 50, the highest rating for sun protection factor deemed safe by the FDA. Thinksport sunscreen offers 80 minutes of water-resistant protection. The entire Thinksport sunscreen line, including Thinksport Kids and Thinksport, offer sun protection for two hours before reapplication is required, the maximum time allowed by FDA regulations.

What about Easy-to-Apply Sunscreen Sprays and Powders for Children?

Unfortunately, we must advise against the popular sprays and powders that make beach time a bit easier. In order to make a sunscreen, even a naturally-based one, fit through an aerosol sprayer, the ingredients must be broken down into nanoparticles. These nanoparticles are so small that, when applied to the skin, easily seep down into the pores where they are absorbed directly in the the bloodstream. This opens up the body to a whole host of toxic damages which a child’s body is unable to metabolize. It is worthwhile to take the extra few minutes and rub in a natural sunscreen which will give you the safest, most effective sun protection.
The good news is that Thinksport kids sunscreen, unlike the zinc oxide sunscreens of the past, can be quickly and easily rubbed into the skin. Thinksport sunscreen dries clear and does not leave an oily feeling on the skin.

What is the best natural sunscreen?

According to the Environmental Working Group Sunscreen Guide, Thinksport is the best sunscreen for kids, sport, and sand. The Thinksport Kids, and Thinksport Livestrong lines all received high accolades from EWG, who gave it the highest rating of 1 for safety and effectiveness with the least health concerns possible in sunscreen ingredients. Nourishing World is stocked in the entire Thinksport line and ready to help you protect your family from the sun. Order two bottles and your whole order ships for free. Get your order in now, before the rush, and be ready for the beach this summer. Enjoy!

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