2013 EWG Sunscreen Guide, Thumbs Up to Thinksport

By Colleen Russell
The 2013 EWG Sunscreen Guide was released today, officially marking the beginning of 2013 Sunscreen season. Here at Nourishing World, we have been anxiously stalking the EWG Sunscreen Guide homepage for weeks and are thrilled to report that our two favorites have made the cut.

And The Winners Are…

The Official Nourishing World 2013 Suncreen Recommendations are (Thinksport Livestrong, and Thinksport Kids) We find that these physical sunscreens are the safest sunscreens for kids, safest sunscreens for babies, and safest sunscreens for athletes. Wondering where to buy Sunscreen from the 2013 EWG Sunscreen Guide? Each of the EWG-Recommended Sunscreen products from the Thinksport will be available this summer from the Nourishing World Store.

What is the significance of the 2013 EWG Sunscreen Guide?
Every year, the EWG creates a Sunscreen Guide, thoroughly detailing the safety and effecacy of more than 1600 commercially-available sunscreens and sunblocks. The results vary from year to year, as manufacturers reformulate their sunscreen and more research is done on specific ingredients. The 2013 EWG Sunscreen Guide listed just 184 sunscreens that met their criteria.

We have kept our finger dutifully on the pulse of sunscreen safety this year and will continue to monitor and report any developments. For more information on Sunscreen Recommendations and the difference between chemical and physical sunscreens, check our archives. Stay safe!


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