Colloidal Silver, A Natural Remedy for Swimmer’s Ear

Looking for relief for Swimmer's Ear without a prescription?
by Colleen Russell“>Colleen Russell

Swimmer’s ear seems to be “one of those” childhood ailments, the ones that perpetually emerge each summer and throw a curve ball in your vacation plans.  This painful outer ear infection caused by water being trapped in the ear canal is frequently diagnosed in children who have spent many summer days swimming in pools and ponds.  The typical drill includes a doctor’s visit, pain medication, and prescription antibiotic drops applied directly into the ear.  Always cautious to use antibiotics, I was thrilled when I recently discovered a natural remedy for swimmer’s ear that didn’t involve a prescription medication.

Last week, it was my husband complaining of ear pain who returned home from the doctor with a bottle of liquid Cipro.  Curious if there was a better treatment that didn’t involve an antibiotic, I hit the books researching alternative treatments for swimmer’s ear.  It didn’t take me long to find that Colloidal Silver, a natural antibiotic and anti-fungal solution, had been used for centuries in the treatment of outer ear infections.  

Colloidal Silver for Ear Infections

Colloidal Silver is the easiest, fastest, least expensive, and most effective way to treat Swimmer’s Ear.  It is applied directly to the affected ear, limiting any chance that “good bacteria” are damaged during the course of treatment.  Most infections are healed within two days of starting treatment.  During that time, only a small amount of this potent product is used, leaving you with a fantastic tool for your natural health tool box.  Colloidal Silver has broad-spectrum antibiotic, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties, enabling it to combat a wide range of pathogens.  By contrast, antibiotics are generally only effective against particular strains, causing a person to require several courses of treatment before an infection is healed.

Preventing Swimmer’s Ear Naturally

In addition to being an effective treatment for swimmer’s ear, Colloidal Silver may also help prevent ear infections!  If you or your child is especially prone to swimmer’s ear, or if you are vacationing and spending a more-than-average amount of time in the water, try this.  Use a dropper to place 3 drops of Colloidal Silver in each ear once a week.  The natural antibiotic binds to bacterial cells, preventing it from colonizing in the ear canal and causing infections.  It is also helpful to keep the ears as dry as possible after swimming and to avoid putting anything into the ear that may cause damage to the delicate membranes in the ear canal.

Sovereign Silver for Swimmer’s Ear

Nourishing World carries Sovereign Silver, a colloidal silver solution that contains particles in the smallest size possible, .0008 microns (.8 nanograms), enhancing bioavailability and absorption. It is ultra-purified and manufactured without the salts and compounds contaminating other brands. Sovereign Silver is safe and effective when used in small amounts and can be applied directly to the ear.

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  1. Since I am currently experiencing this problem and refuse to see the ear specialist, I will try your remedy. Thanks for the research, Colleen.

    • No problem. I stumbled across this information when my husband had his second bout of swimmer’s ear this year and am so glad I did! I now have a bottle of Sovereign Silver at the ready in case the kids have a problem, and we have been using it for prevention. Good luck, and I hope your ear clears up soon!

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