Antioxidant Warning: Is Ubiquinol the Best Antioxidant Supplement?

Dr. Mercola discusses Ubiquinol as the most important supplement to take.

by Colleen Russell

Mercola Ubiquinol, the enhanced CoQ10 supplement formulated by Dr. Mercola himself, became a popular-selling product in the Nourishing World store within days of its arrival. After a year of searching and many hours of research, we were thrilled to find such a reasonably-priced Ubiquinol supplement in such a high quality form. Why all the buzz? Well, among other reasons, we agree that, if you choose to take just one antioxidant supplement, this should be the one. Some doctors have addressed new concerns from the medical community that called the effectiveness of antioxidant supplements into question.

Are We Overdosing on Antioxidants?

New research surveying thousands of antioxidant supplements, many of them synthetic, found that these antioxidant megadoses cannot be properly processed by Antioxidant human body, and that the excess is all but eliminating free radicals. So…that’s good, right? According to Russell Greenfield, maybe not. Free radicals, ordinarily harmful substances that cause many age-related diseases and contribute to the metastisis of cancer cells, actually do some good. Much like the “good bacteria” in probiotics that help the digestive system to function optimally, a small amount of free radicals can help to protect the body from potential cell damage. In response to this new information, some doctors changed their recommendation for recommended daily allowance of vitamin A to just 2500 and advised his viewers to take a particular antioxidant: Ubiquinol. An Ubiquinol supplement is the body’s best “ally against aging” and strongly recommends Ubiquinol as the “one supplement you should be taking.”

What is Ubiquinol?

Ubiquinol is a powerful antioxidant supplement derived from an enhanced CoQ10 that does not have any known side effects. Ubiquinol is naturally present in most human cells where it produces mitochondrial energy and enhances the effects of other antioxidants. Although it can be found in a short list of food sources, its benefits can be best gleaned through a supplement. Potential health benefits from Ubiquinol include prevention of cell damage from free radicals, support for natural energy production, prevention of heart disease caused by tissue damage, and combatting the mal-effects of statin drug use.

Ubiquinol and Statin Drugs

According to Dr. Mercola, anyone taking statin drugs should also be taking Ubiquinol. When a patient takes statins to lower their blood cholesterol, it has the unintended effect of lowering natural CoQ10 levels and blocking the ability of the blood to transport antioxiants. According to Dr. Mercola, a patient with decreased CoQ10 levels will experience “fatigue, muscle weakness and soreness, and eventually heart failure” and recommends that EVERYONE taking statin drugs also supplement with Ubiquinol.

What is the BEST CoQ10 Supplement?

Ubiquinol is the best CoQ10 supplement, being an electron-enriched form of the dietary nutrient. From all accounts, the best Ubiquinol is Mercola Ubiquinol, a GMP-certified supplement made from all-natural ingredients and proven to be its most bioavailable form on the market. Nourishing World chose Mercola Ubiquinol over hundreds of other choices because it is scientifically formulated by Dr. Mercola himself, is highly absorbable, reasonably priced, and free of synthetics.

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