Peaceful Planet Gives Back With One Percent for the Planet

One Percent For The Planet

by Colleen Russell

Peaceful Planet’s Mission: Environmental Conservation and Health Promotion

Peaceful Planet was founded in 2008 with a mission to promote natural health and wellness while supporting environmental preservation efforts. The Peaceful Planet motto was simple: “Good for you. Good for the Planet.” Nearly six years later, we are happy to say that our goals have not changed and our passion for the planet is unwavering. Peaceful Planet products are carefully selected to assure their quality and respect for the environment. Our annual donation of one percent of our store’s sales to 1% for the planet, an alliance of businesses and environmental activist groups dedicated to “creating a healthy planet,” increases with each passing year. To this end, the support of our customers has allowed us to become sustaining contributors to a variety of local and national non-profit environmental preservation groups. As we have grown, our impact on social change has grown.

Good for You. Good for the Planet!

Environmental preservation and personal wellness go hand in hand at Peaceful Planet. To live up to our motto, we diligently research new products to assure that we only stock those items that are good for you and good for the planet. We pledge to find you the highest quality all-natural vitamins and supplements available, which means working with manufacturers that use whole-food products and limit the use of synthetics and fillers. We seek out products from companies with the strictest environmental and fair-trade practices. Putting these principles into practice, Peaceful Planet also carries a full line of reusable products with a direct impact on reducing food packaging waste.

Supporting Nonprofits to Create a Healthier Planet

Early on, we partnered with one percent for the planet and its network of nonprofit organizations. Through one percent for the planet, we pledge annually to donate 1% of our sales in support of the work of environmental preservation organizations. These nonprofits help to protect and save forests, rivers, and oceans. Each year, we have the opportunity to choose how to allocate these funds. We have proudly donated one percent of our sales to support local and national nonprofit environmental preservation efforts since 2009.

Giving Back in 2013

This year, we were able to contribute financially to three incredible environmental preservation organizations. It is our honor to help sustain the work of the RI Zoological Society, the Oceans Project, and the River Network.

RI Zoological Society

The RI Zoological Society is the nonprofit organization responsible for the support and maintenance of Rhode Island’s Roger Williams Park Zoo. The 40-acre zoo is home to more than 100 species of animals, many of whom are involved in national and even global conservation projects.

Why Peaceful Planet Donated to the RI Zoological Society:
We love being able to see our donation dollars being put to good use! As Rhode Island natives, we have watched the zoo grow and take shape. Our donation will help support the building of more award-winning exhibits, fund wildlife conservation projects, and the expansion of education programs. In June, we were invited to the RI Zoological Society’s Zoobilee, the annual benefit gala to support the zoo, in recognition for our contribution.

The Oceans Project

The Ocean Project is a network of 2,000 aquariums, zoos, and museums partnering to educate the public about Ocean conservation efforts. Through an engaging outreach program, the Ocean Project seeks to inspire communities to take action, furthering their climate conservation efforts.

Why Peaceful Planet Donated to the Oceans Project
As residents of the Ocean State, the need for climate conservation to save the world’s oceans is at the forefront of our community. Our donation helped lead promotional efforts for World Oceans Day, encouraging communities to take part in conservation efforts that will save the oceans for our future generations.

The River Network Going With the Flow Tour

The Going With The Flow Tour is a grass-roots effort led by Julie and Charlie Frieder-Stanzione along with their 8 year old son, Johnny. As official ambassadors for the River Network, the adventuresome family of three left their home in an RV this June, embarking on a year-long trip across the United States. Using this opportunity to “road school” 8 year old Johnny, the Frieder-Stanzione’s are hoping to help promote river sustainability efforts in the communities they visit on their journey.

Why Peaceful Planet Donated to the River Network Going With the Flow Tour
Hearing about the Going With the Flow Tour made us a bit envious of this family’s adventuresome and philanthropic spirit–how could we not lend a hand? On June 15th, 2013, the family of three plus Max, the dog, piled into an RV flanked with solar panels and toting bikes and kayaks. We hope to meet them when they make their way east to New England to thank them for their sustainability efforts and perhaps even learn a thing or two.

Audobon Society of Rhode Island

The Audobon Society of Rhode Island is an independent environmental conservation foundation dedicated to education, land conservation, and advocacy. Through a long list of stewardship programs, the Audobon Society of Rhode Island serves as the protector of Rhode Island heritage, advocating for social reform in order to address environmental issues.

Why Peaceful Planet Donated to the Audobon Society of Rhode Island
In Rhode Island, the Audobon Society puts forth a very public display of conservation, recruiting entire communities to contribute to the cause. Our children have been the sponge-like recipients of Audobon Society talks regarding wild birds, endangered species, native plant life, and wildlife habitat conservation. We proudly take part in the Audobon Society of Rhode Island’s annual participation in International Coastal Cleanup Day.

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