Ready for Spring? Time to Plant Snap Peas!

Spring PlantingHere in RI most of the snow is finally gone! That makes me think of spring veggie planting. Usually by now I’d have my snap peas in the ground, but I’ve waited until it wasn’t quite so cold. Snap peas are tasty, extremely hearty and easy to grow, even in light snow.
Snap Peas like cooler weather and mine never make it through the hot summer months, so the earlier we get them in the ground the better. They are really easy to grow and will grow in containers or right in the garden. Because they are vines, they need room to grow up more so than out. So, find a big pot, throw in 6 seeds or so and some sticks for growing up, put it in a sunny spot and you’ll be enjoying the fruits of your labor in a  month or so. The only thing better than watching a bunch of kids eating green veggies right off the plants is joining in the snack!
There are a variety of seeds that can be sown directly in the ground in early spring. Snap peas and lettuce are my favorites, but there are about eleven other vegetables that can be planted in April, too. Those are: beets, chard, spinach, radishes, peas, scallions, carrots, arugula, rutabagas and turnips. These are all cold hearty vegetables that can withstand light frost and snow. Constant heavy frost may kill the seeds, but temperatures in the 30’s should be fine.

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