Why You Should Buy Global Healing Center Products from Authorized Retailers

By Ali Wetherbee


Global Healing Center (GHC) has recently made a change to their policies and no longer allows their authorized retailers to sell on Amazon or Ebay. This means that anyone selling GHC products on Amazon or Ebay is not an authorized seller, and those products may be counterfeit. Their products might look the same, they might even be cheaper, but they may be stolen, altered, fake, or outright dangerous.

Victims of Fraud

When in-demand, unique, effective products like those produced by GHC hit the market, fraud is often a major issue. Copycats want to get in on the profits by using brand-name labels along with cheap, counterfeit, or stolen products and ingredients. Several years ago, counterfeit Oxy Powder was reported to the FDA and a lawsuit against the fraudulent dealer followed. Amazon and Ebay are hotbeds for counterfeit products because sellers are particularly hard to monitor for authenticity. Just last year, Amazon made the news because dozens of counterfeit supplements were popping up for sale on their site. With so many third-party retailers, sites like Amazon are unable to verify that every single one is selling authentic products. Counterfeiters may show 5-star ratings, because Amazon’s system assigns the same ratings to all products that look identical, regardless of who is selling them. Fake companies are usually shut down eventually – but then the same dealer opens a new account with a new name to continue selling their counterfeit products to unsuspecting customers.

Consumers Are Victims, Too

According to the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition, legitimate companies face revenue losses of about $600 billion a year due to counterfeiting. Those are huge financial hits, but businesses are not the only victims. Fraudulent supplement dealers take advantage of consumers, too, and put their health and safety at risk. Counterfeiters use cheap, diluted, altered, and/or stolen ingredients to sell their fake products at a lower price while increasing their profit margins. They may copy the labels, wording, and packing of authentic products to mislead consumers, but what you see is not what you get. Unlike pharmaceuticals, which often have immediate, dramatically obvious effects, natural and herbal supplements generally take longer to work and thus it’s easier for counterfeit products to fly under the radar for quite a while. The supplement you buy from a counterfeiter may have none of the active ingredients it claims to include. It may be diluted or expired. It may contain ingredients not on the label, potential allergens, or outright dangerous ingredients. That’s why it is vitally important to buy from an authorized retailer. You can purchase GHC products at Nourishing World and be assured that you are getting authentic, safe, effective products.

About Global Healing Center

Global Healing Center, founded in 1998, produces many different nutritional and detox supplements, and runs an eco-friendly farm growing USDA certified organic, GMO-free medicinal herbs. GHC is committed to reversing chronic health issues and disease by getting to the root cause and cleansing, detoxing, and purifying the body. We carry a variety of GHC products designed to cleanse the liver and colon, maintain a healthy intestinal tract, and support overall health:

Cleanse a toxic colon

One of GHC’s most popular products is Oxy Powder, which gently and safely relieves bloating and constipation via time-released oxygen. The average person has 10 to 20 pounds of hard, compacted fecal matter built up in their intestinal tract by age 40, and Oxy Powder can remove it. Unlike many other supplements on the market, clinical studies have been carried out to confirm the safety and efficacy of Oxy Powder.

Detox the liver

The liver is a critical component of the digestive system. Its main purpose is to filter blood and metabolize chemicals, toxins, and drugs ingested or found in the environment. The gallbladder stores bile produced by the liver. Livatrex eliminates toxins from your liver & gallbladder so that these organs can function more effectively.

Remove parasites

An estimated 90% of people have unwanted guests lurking in their bodies. Parasites create a variety of problems ranging from bloating, poor nutrient absorption, and abdominal pain, to chronic headaches, mental fogginess, fatigue, and insomnia. Paratrex rids the intestines of invaders and creates a hostile environment for unwanted organisms.

Eliminate chemicals and heavy metals

Heavy metals and toxic chemicals build up in the body and have been implicated in all sorts of health issues, including lead poisoning, Alzheimer’s, dementia, mercury toxicity, thyroid disorders, and autism. It’s hard to avoid these toxins because they are virtually everywhere – in fish, vegetables, deodorant, even water! Zeotrex can cross the blood-brain barrier, attract metals and chemicals, and eliminate them from the body.

Restore a healthy flora

Latero-Flora Probiotic increases the level of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system. Keeping these levels in balance protects against harmful bacteria and keeps the digestive system functioning properly. The body’s internal ecosystem, when healthy, helps maintain chemical and hormonal balances, increases energy, and improves the immune system.

Absorb more nutrients

VeganZyme contains a full spectrum of active enzymes to aid in the digestive process, help the body to absorb more healthy vitamins and minerals, and eliminate toxins. As we age, our bodies produce fewer enzymes, and the nutrients in food thus become less available to us. VeganZyme replaces those digestive enzymes and supports the immune system, reducing inflammatory responses and gas, bloating, and indigestion from food allergies or sensitivities.

Support the skeletal, nervous, and cardiovascular systems

Calcium helps bones and teeth stay strong and supports a healthy cardiovascular system. Magnesium calms the nervous system and protects the heart. IntraCal contains the ideal ratio of calcium to magnesium, providing the best absorption and maximum benefits.

Again, be sure to purchase these supplements only from authorized retailers like Nourishing World, so that you can be confident you are actually getting the products you ordered. With natural supplements being unregulated by the FDA, the only way to ensure the safety and efficacy of the supplements you take is to buy trusted brands from authorized retailers.

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