Organic Germanium-132 Removed from Oxy-Powder


By Ali Wetherbee

Global Healing Center’s Oxy-Powder is a powerful yet gentle, all-natural colon cleanser that oxygenates the large and small intestines to safely and effectively remove toxic build-up and compacted fecal matter. Human clinical trials have found Oxy-Powder to be more effective than Ducolax at relieving constipation and IBS, with no adverse effects. It’s effectiveness is due to ozonated magnesium oxides, which releases oxygen into the bloodstream and digestive tract over an 18+ hour period. Originally, organic germanium-132 was also added to the formulation, not for any specific benefit but simply for it’s general oxygenating properties. However, high-quality organic germanium-132 is hard to obtain and presents challenges with international policies and customs regulations. Now, Global Healing Center has decided to remove organic germanium-132 from Oxy-Powder. This will not affect the effectiveness of the product in any way.

What is organic germanium-132?

Organic germanium-132, or bis-carboxyethyl germanium sesquioxide, is an organic compound which brings oxygen into cells. It is thought to be beneficial against depression, arthritis, cancer, AIDS, vision problems, high blood pressure, and heavy metal toxicity. There is also a lot of controversy around this ingredient, with opponents claiming it is ineffective or even dangerous. While US-sourced organic germanium-132 has always been uncontaminated, germanium manufactured in Asia has been found to be contaminated in the past.

Why was organic germanium-132 removed?

Global Healing Center had several reasons for making this decision:

  • It is hard to obtain a consistent source of high-quality organic germanium-132 because US sources are in short supply. As Oxy-Powder gains popularity, it has been hard to keep up with the demand for this minor ingredient, and rather than suspend production of Oxy-Powder altogether, GHC thought it best to simply remove the organic germanium-132.
  • Organic germanium-132 has already been removed in the Oxy-Powder formulations sold in several other countries. The UK and Canada have registration and labeling standards that required its removal, and the product has continued to perform solidly despite the absence of organic germanium-132.
  • Organic germanium-132 is often confused with germanium or germanium dioxide. These ingredients cause problems with customs agents and can result in product distribution being delayed or permanently detained. Because GHC sells Oxy-Powder worldwide, including in countries in Europe, Asia, and South America, it makes sense to remove this ingredient to avoid any customs issues.

What are the ingredients in the new Oxy-Powder formulation?

The new formulation contains the exact same ingredients as the old formula, minus the organic germanium-132. The active ingredients are ozonated magnesium oxides and natural citric acid. The Kosher certified vegetarian capsules also contain organic acacia gum as an alternative to artificial fillers and binders.

You can learn more about how Oxy-Powder can flatten your stomach, boost your energy, and improve your health here.


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    • Hi Robert, This happened in 2014, six years ago. There have not been any changes recently. If you purchased your bottle on amazon or not from a reputable supplier, you may have gotten a fake. Because Oxy Powder is so good, people started making and selling bottles that look like Oxy Powder, but aren’t. You should always check to make sure you get your Oxy Powder from an authorized reseller.

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