Introducing: Peaceful Pets

Healthy_Pet_SupplementsBy Ali Wetherbee

Peaceful Planet is pleased to announce our brand-new Pet Health category! This section of products is just starting out, and will be growing larger in the coming months. We know how important your pets are to your family, and we want to be sure to provide you with eco-friendly, natural products for your beloved dog or cat. In addition to our regular health and wellness blog posts, we will also be bringing you posts centered on holistic pet health and non-toxic pet care.

Natural Health for Pets

Some of the products we are introducing this month include:

  • Mercola Complete Probiotics for Pets, which provides 14 strains of bacteria that are specially formulated to survive your pet’s strong stomach acid.
  • Mercola Joint Support for Pets, a formula full of joint-supporting ingredients including glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, elastin, proteoglycans, sulfur, and collagens, to help your dog or cat feel comfortable and move well.
  • Mercola Krill Oil Liquid Pump for Pets, which provides essential fatty acids for your pet’s overall health and wellbeing. This 100% Pure Antarctic Krill Oil can correct the omega-3 to omega-6 ratio imbalance caused by commercial pet foods heavy in omega-6’s.
  • Green Pasture Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil, which Dr. Ian Billinghurst, holistic veterinarian and author of The BARF Diet, recommends as “the one daily (or weekly in the case of very small pets) supplement I recommend  above all else for the vast majority of pets.”
  • Coconut oil benefits pets in the same ways it benefits humans. Choose either Green Pasture Blue Breeze Virgin Coconut Oil or Perfect Coconut Oil, both of which are organic.
  • Green Pasture Skate Liver Oil promotes smoother skin and a shinier coat, and can aid in preventing or treating arthritis in pets.
  • Mercola Bug Spray, which is safe for children, adults, and pets — so you only need one bottle on your next hike, camping trip, or family outing!
  • The Splish Splash Natural Bath Filter removes chlorine from your pet’s bath; this is healthier and safer for all pets, but especially important for those with allergies or dry, sensitive skin.

Check out all of our current product offerings and keep an eye out for new products. Comment below to let us know what pet supplements or pet health information you are looking for!


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