Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Maintenance Plan

Total 10 diet

By Ali Wetherbee

So you’ve closely followed the Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan for two weeks. How did it go? How much weight did you lose? Are you feeling healthier? Let us know in the comments below! If you are ready to move on and start reintroducing foods, the Total 10 Maintenance Plan was created with four guidelines to ensure that all your efforts are rewarded and you keep off the weight.

Total 10 Maintenance Plan Guideline #1:

Step on the scale first thing in the morning.

Those who weigh themselves regularly are more likely to have continued, long-term weight loss success. If you overindulge for a day or two, you’ll get feedback from the scale as the number starts to go up. If you’ve been working hard and sticking to the plan, you’ll see results as the number drops. This will help you stay focused on your goal and motivated to continue. Remember, though, that small fluctuations from day to day are normal, and don’t beat yourself up if the scale goes up a pound or two during certain times of the month.

Total 10 Maintenance Plan Guideline #2:

Stick to healthy, protein-rich snacks.

Skip anything that comes prepackaged, and particularly avoid sugary snacks or “diet foods” with artificial sweeteners. Examples of good snack choices include cut up vegetables with hummus, turkey roll-ups, a handful of nuts, or a hard boiled egg. To gain the convenience of packaged foods without all the unhealthy ingredients, prepare your own pre-portioned snacks ahead of time so you can just grab one from your refrigerator or your lunch bag.

Total 10 Maintenance Plan Guideline #3:

Reintroduce one food group at a time.

The Total 10 Maintenance Plan calls for starting with just a small half-cup serving to observe and mitigate any potential reactions. Look for signs of food intolerances such as bloating, weight gain, and mood changes, and continue to avoid the culprit food group if you notice any of these repercussions. If you feel well, you can resume eating these foods.

First Week: Reintroduce dairy
Doctors recommend low fat options, such as 2% milk and low fat cheeses.

Second Week: Reintroduce low glycemic fruits
Examples of low glycemic fruits include oranges, pears, peaches, and mangoes.

Third Week: Reintroduce whole grains
Add back in whole wheat bread and pasta and ancient grains such as amaranth, kamut, and teff. These should only be eaten before 2pm. Skip the grains for your evening meal.

Total 10 Maintenance Plan Guideline #4:

Splurge once a week.

That’s right — it’s OK to enjoy a glass of wine or a decadent dessert or a delicious entrée at your favorite restaurant, even on the Total 10 Maintenance Plan. You don’t want to wind up feeling deprived or give up the plan entirely just because you indulged over the weekend. Limit these splurges to once a week, and whenever possible, choose healthier options if they will still satisfy your cravings.

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5 thoughts on “Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Maintenance Plan

  1. Hi I started the Dr oz two week diet on Tuesday and I’m finding that I’m still getting hungry and having cravings still late at night can anyone give me suggestions and also how much water are we to drink it doesn’t state that in the program I have been drinking 64 oz in a day thanks Joan

    • Hi Joan! When I did the Dr. Oz 2 Week rapid weight Loss Diet, I ate sugar snap peas for a snack in the evening. If you are hungry, then eat, but make sure it is on the list of approved foods. If it is during the day, then try a serving of nuts. Nuts are high in protein and healthy fat, so even a handful will help with the hunger pangs. But, they are also easy to eat more than a serving. Make sure you take out the one serving and put the bag away before you eat the whole bag! Have you tried the yogurt with fruit and slivered almonds? That is a great daytime snack. As for the water intake, a good general rule for water intake when trying to lose weight is your weight x 2/3 (67%). That is the number of ounces of water you should be trying to drink daily. Drinking 1 – 2 glasses before eating a meal may help you eat less. Good luck and keep up the good work!

  2. I have been on the two week diet and have lost 8 pounds the first week and on the second week a pound can any one tell me if it is safe to do this longer because I want to lose another 14 pounds thanks Joan

  3. Hi can some one tell me please I have been doing the two week diet plan for thee weeks now and lost only 10 pounds and would love to loose at least 14 more pounds can I switch to the one day off diet instead of doing the maintenance program thanks Joan

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