Spring Cleaning from the Inside Out: Detox Programs

Spring Has Sprung! It's a splendid time for Spring cleaning outside, and a good detox inside.

By Ali Wetherbee & Kerrie Bross

Spring cleaning isn’t just about washing windows and clearing out the clutter in your home office. It’s also a chance to embark on a detox program and rid your body of all the toxins it is bombarded with each day. With so many detox programs to choose from, it’s hard to know just where to start, so we’ve rounded up the best detox programs. But first things first: Do you even need a detox?

Should you try one of these detox programs? Signs and symptoms of a heavy toxin load:

  • Persistent fatigue, despite getting adequate sleep
  • Aches and pains in muscles or joints
  • Headaches
  • Skin problems such as acne, rashes, and eczema
  • Constipation, diarrhea, gas, or foul-smelling stools
  • Bad breath
  • Weight gain and/or water retention and bloating
  • Memory loss, brain fog, and trouble concentrating
  • Low mood or depression
  • Sinus problems and postnasal drip
  • Heartburn
  • Sensitivity to smells

Who is most in need of detox programs?

Almost anyone can benefit from following detox programs once or twice a year. Even if you eat an all-organic diet and use natural personal care products and non-toxic cleaners, you are still constantly exposed to pollutants in the air and the environment. If you frequently take prescription or OTC medications, drink alcohol, use plastics and non-stick cookware, work an occupation that exposes you to chemicals, or have mercury fillings, your toxin load is likely even higher. While some people’s bodies cope easily with all these toxins, other people’s bodies quickly become overloaded and begin to suffer ill effects. The good news is, detox progams can aid your body in eliminating all these toxins and get you feeling your best again.

Choose one of these detox programs that best suits your needs:

Like to indulge? Protect your liver.Liver Detox Programs: Your liver is responsible for filtering out toxins from your body, so it’s vitally important to ensure this organ is functioning optimally. Because anyone can end up with an over-taxed, sluggish liver, this is a great general detox to do on a regular basis. You may be particularly in need of a liver detox if you regularly consume coffee, alcohol, food with additives and preservatives, conventionally-grown produce, or prescription or over-the-counter medications. Check out this blog post for a rundown of liver detox options.

Keep your body moving at it's peak.Colon Cleanse: If your digestion feels off — if you’re not having regular, normal bowel movements, or you often feel bloated or gassy — a total colon cleanse can help you get back on track. Compacted fecal matter builds up in the colon and may weigh as much as 20 pounds! Clear it all out with a detox colon cleanse and you’ll feel lighter, healthier, more energetic, and more focused. You may even lose some weight! Learn how to do a safe Oxy Powder colon cleanse here. Your body will thank you later.

Picture of a bottle of Sonnes No. 7 Detoxificant, liquid bentonite clay for intestinal purification.Bentonite Detox Clay: Since we recently began carrying bentonite detox clay, one of our customers sent us a great bentonite clay cleanse program. From Barbara Marciniak’s book, Path of Empowerment: “A potent yet safe colon cleanse drink can be made by mixing six ounces of organic non-citrus fruit juice with an equal amount of good, pure, non-fluorinated water to make twelve ounces total. Add the liquid to a jar along with one tablespoon of each of the following: liquid chlorophyll, concentrated aloe vera juice, hydrated bentonite, and psyllium hulls. Cover the jar, shake the mixture well, and then drink the concoction within a few minutes.” Drink this detox drink daily, a 1/2 hour to an hour before breakfast, for a period of 12 days to 4 weeks. Take a really good probiotic like Prescript-Assist each evening to replenish healthy gut bacteria while you’re on these detox programs.

For heavy metal detox!Chlorella Detox Programs: Chlorella is a whole-food algae supplement with powerful detoxification properties. Chlorella bonds to heavy metals, chemicals, and pesticide residues in the digestive tract, helping your body eliminate these toxins without stripping your body of the minerals it needs, such as calcium and magnesium. Chlorella was actually first used in the mining industry because of its ability to bind to metals. Studies on humans have found that broken cell wall chlorella (the only kind that our bodies can digest), along with cilantro, removes all traces of heavy metals (including lead, arsenic, and mercury) in people with high exposure, making it an ideal natural detox supplement. What’s more, chlorella is a rich source of iron, vitamin B12, amino acids and essential fatty acids, and many other nutrients your body needs to function optimally. You can take chlorella for detox in powdered or capsule form. Chlorella is intended to be taken daily and continuously, rather than for occasional or short-term detox programs.

21 Day Detox Plan formulated by Dr. Erica LePore – book and supplements.21 Day Detox Diet Program: This is a whole body detox program developed by naturopathic doctor Erica Lepore, ND. During the 21 Day Detox, you will cut out all foods that are common allergens, irritants, or inflammatory –  like gluten, dairy, caffeine, and more. After the three weeks are up, you add each back in one day at a time to test if they bother you in any way.  Many people who were feeling poorly before the detox are able to identify what foods trigger them. This is a tremendous help for overall health and wellness. The 21 Day Detox Diet Program includes an ebook written by Dr. LePore outlining the whole plan, so you know what you can eat and what supplements to take during each of the three weeks. It also includes the supplements recommended during the three weeks. I’ve done this detox every year for the past three years and I am always amazed at how good I feel when I’m done. I keep up the good eating habits well past the three weeks, but always fall off eventually. That’s why I do it again and again! It requires a lot of planning as the foods you can eat are limited, but not the amount of food you can eat. You can eat as much of the allowed foods as you want, so you never have to feel hungry, like on some other detox diets. Check out this blog I wrote after I did it for the first time. The 21 Day Detox Program is recommended for anyone who wants to find out if foods are triggering their health issues.

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