How to Enhance Your Detox Program

detox_boostBy Ali Wetherbee

A good detox plan involves more than just adding a few supplements and removing a few foods from your diet. Below are some things you can do to get the most our of your detox, no matter which detox plan you’ve chosen.

Remove toxins from your environment: Detox your diet by buying organic foods, particularly for foods on the Dirty Dozen list. Wash produce well. Avoid factory-farmed meat and dairy, which usually contain hormones and antibiotics. Make sure to drink and cook with filtered water, especially while on a detox. Switch to natural personal care products, from shampoo to soap to toothpaste.  As you begin planting your garden this year, choose organic fertilizers and pesticides. Throw out the bleach and ammonia-ridden cleaning products and start learning how to clean with simple products such as baking soda and vinegar. If you are already doing most or all of these home detox tips, great! You can move right on to the next detox step.

Get your gut in balance: Good health starts in the gut, and a gut out of balance is a toxic gut in need of detox. If you, like many people, suffer from “leaky gut,” toxins cross through the intestinal walls into the bloodstream much more readily. Leaky gut is associated with yeast overgrowth (Candida) as well as intolerance or allergy to wheat or grains. You may benefit from cutting out sugar, gluten, or grains, trying a low FODMAP diet, or eliminating foods you are sensitive to during your detox. Many people with gut imbalances find improvement through enzyme and probiotic supplementation, or correcting low stomach acid with VAXA Buffer pH. Another cause of your gut issues may be parasites, which can be eliminated safely and naturally with Paratrex.

Get moving during detox: Exercise helps your body detox. When your body is moving, blood is circulating well and your lymphatic system, which is crucial for toxin removal, is working at its best. Sweating, too, is a key path for toxin removal. If you haven’t exercised in a while, start with a slow walk or jog before or after work each day of your detox. When you’re ready to jump into something a bit more strenuous, check out our favorite YouTube videos for workouts you can do at home, rain or shine, no equipment required.

Detox your soul: Your mind and heart are just as important to your health as the rest of your body, so try not to neglect it! Detox your life and fix or move on from situations and relationships that are toxic. Start meditating or practice yoga. Finish the projects that you keep procrastinating on, as these contribute to mental clutter. Get out in nature. Feed your soul with good friends, peaceful activities, and restful surroundings.

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