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Since 2008, Nourishing World has offered free shipping on all orders over $20. As of May 1st, the minimum order to qualify for free shipping will now be $30 — still a great deal compared to most online stores! While we hate to make this change, postage costs have continued to rise over the past 8 years, finally driving us to increase the free shipping minimum order amount.

  • Free shipping minimum order will increase on May 1, 2015.
  • Orders over $30 will qualify for free shipping.

Here are a few ways to meet the new $30 minimum and qualify for free shipping:

1. Get multiples of your favorite supplements. One for now, one for next month.

2. Order fresh bottles of non-toxic sunscreen and bug spray.

3. Stock up on supplies for your natural first aid kit.

4. Add on a useful, low-cost item to meet the minimum $30 order. The following products range from about $9-$12:

By Ali Wetherbee

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