Setting Up Camp


Camping is one of my family’s favorite summer activities. We love roasting food over the fire, swimming in the lake, canoeing, fishing, and hiking. We stay up late and count the stars, have long conversations, and cuddle up in our tent. We truly love spending time together free of the constant distractions — work, chores, phone calls, appointments, social media, movies, projects — and immerse ourselves in nature, beauty, and silence.

Being prepared for the great outdoors will make your experience so much more enjoyable. To help you gear up for your next camping trip, we have a list of camping essentials to maintain your family’s health, even out in the wilderness. All of these items are lightweight and most are small enough to throw in your already-stuffed backpack.

Clean Water in the Woods

Clean drinking water is perhaps the most important supply to always have on hand. Rather than toting around gallons of bottled water, try our new Ultra Bacteria Removal Filter Cartridge. Just insert this filter cartridge in a Barrier Grand Water Pitcher, fill with water from a nearby lake or river, and allow the water to filter through. Even more effective than other water purification methods such as boiling or treating with chemicals, this filter cartridge removes 99.99% of bacteria and cysts, so that you will always have clean, safe drinking water no matter where you are.

Natural Protection from Bugs and Sun

Mosquitos and ticks abound in the wilderness. Mercola Bug Spray has been proven to be more effective than DEET bug sprays, without the harmful chemicals. Safe for adults, children, and pets, you’ll only need to pack this one bottle of bug spray to protect your entire family.

The rays are strong when you’re out on the lake! Slather up with all natural sunblock. Raw Elements Eco FormulaThinkbaby, and Thinksport sunscreens were all rated a 1, the top rating, by Environmental Working Group. All three options are water resistant for 80 minutes, so you can swim or kayak without burning.

Natural First Aid

You’re bound to get a few cuts and scrapes tromping through the woods, or a mild burn while cooking over the fire. Prevent infection and promote healing with Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel, a natural homeopathic silver formula. Sovereign Silver is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, reducing the redness, swelling, and pain of a large array of ailments.

What about bites and rashes? Living Clay Bentonite Clay Powder draws out toxins. Mix it with water into a paste and apply to the skin to treat reactions. I use bentonite clay paste on mosquito bites and poison ivy to relieve the itch and clear up inflammation quickly. You can use it both externally for a variety of skin conditions as well as internally for digestive distress and toxin elimination.

After a long day of hiking, swimming, and wrestling with heavy gear, your muscles may be sore. Green Pasture’s Calm Balm soothes achy muscles and joints naturally, with vitamin-rich oils and essential oils that relieve pain. And if you’re prone to allergies, bring along some Aller-Sine from VAXA to prevent and relive hay fever symptoms.

Wondering what else to have on hand for emergencies, aside from some gauze and bandages? Check out our other ideas to stock your natural first aid kit.

Easy Breakfast or Snack

If you’re a regular smoothie drinker, be sure to check out this article about taking smoothies on the go. This method is perfect for camping, as it is easy to transport and requires no refrigeration. Sometimes it takes a while to get that fire going, so you’ll be glad to have a quick and easy smoothie to tide you over while you cook. Your body will thank you for feeding it all those nutrients along with the hot dogs and s’mores!

Sleep Soundly Under the Stars

Some people sleep well surrounded by crickets, rustling branches, and cool night air. Others — especially children, but many adults too — struggle to drift off in a new environment on an uncomfortable air mattress, without the familiar sounds of home. Don’t suffer through sleepless nights, as you’ll be too tired the next day to enjoy your adventures. Pack a bottle of Ancient Minerals Goodnight Lotion which contains ingredients designed to support healthy sleep, including magnesium, MSM, and melatonin, in a base of organic oils. Rub this lotion into your skin so you can fall asleep quickly and easily and wake up refreshed for your day in the woods.

It’s Time to Hit the Trails!

Once you’ve stocked up on these natural essentials, go ahead and book that camping trip! If you’re an experienced camper, you’ll need no encouragement, but if you’re new to camping, don’t panic. Pick a nearby campground and, for your first trip, try car camping, where you’ll be able to park right at your campsite rather than carry in all your belongings. Reserve America has some great camping articles and guides to help you get started. You’re going to have a great time!

By Ali Wetherbee

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