New, Improved, More Bioavailable Resveratrol from Biotivia


Over the last decade, Biotivia has worked hard to formulate the best, purest, most bioavailable resveratrol supplement on the market. As technologies improve, Biotivia continues to advance their formulas so that you can advance your health. Now, Biotivia has reformulated their Transmax Trans-Resveratrol to be more bioavailable and better than ever!

Micronized Bioavailable Resveratrol

In the past, resveratrol absorption in the digestive tract has been limited by factors such as poor water solubility, large molecular size that could not easily penetrate cells, and a short half-life. The reformulated Biotivia Transmax Time Release trans-resveratrol supplement overcomes these obstacles by offering:

  • Micronized resveratrol molecules that are highly water soluble
  • A molecular size of less than 5 microns, small enough to penetrate cell walls
  • An improved 12-hour sustained release formula that, when taken twice a day, allows continuous 24-hour delivery of trans-resveratrol

This patented MicroActive® resveratrol supplement is ultimately more bioavailable than the previous formulation, which means you will gain even greater benefits than before. The reformulated Biotivia Transmax Time Release trans-resveratrol supplement is completely replacing the original time release formula, as is a more bioavailable, superior resveratrol supplement. The reformulated, more bioavailable resveratrol is even a better value than other resveratrol supplements, as your body will absorb more of every milligram you take.

Bioavailable Resveratrol Backed By Science

Biotivia Trans-Resveratrol has been studied in peer-reviewed, published human trials, which have shown numerous health benefits including:

  • Up to 200% better blood flow to the brain
  • Improved insulin sensitivity
  • Better HDL to LDL cholesterol ratio
  • Lower risk of age-related and obesity-related chronic health conditions
  • Improved concentration and short-term memory
  • Higher energy level

The new, reformulated Transmax TR has been found by Biotivia’s scientific team to be more effective and more bioavailable than the old resveratrol formula. Try it now!

By Ali Wetherbee

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