Dr. Oz Recipe Roundup

Judging by our blog traffic, Dr. Oz is extremely popular with our readers! I thought I’d take this opportunity to share all of our favorite Dr. Oz recipes in one place so you can find them easily. These gluten-free recipes from Dr. Oz are not only healthy and delicious, but they are also designed to help you lose weight and gain energy while leaving you feeling satisfied. What more could you ask for? (Except maybe tickets to see Dr. Oz live!)

Dr_Oz_Total_10_diet_recipesDr. Oz’s Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan has some delicious options for dinner (and dessert!) Try the Thai Chicken Bowl, the Mexican Bowl, the Chinese Chicken Bowl, or the Italian Bowl, which are all gluten-free and Paleo-friendly. There’s also a great Turkey Chili, plus Dr. Oz’s Chocolate Fudge to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Dr_Oz_Total_10_shopping_listSip a warm, nutrient-rich detox broth all day long, as much as you want, on Dr. Oz’s Rapid Weight Loss plans!

Dr.Oz_Total_10Choose from Dr. Oz’s Chocolate-Covered Almond Smoothie, Berry Smoothie, or Pumpkin Pie Smoothie for a quick and easy weight loss breakfast.

Coconut_oil_coffeeDr. Oz recommends buttered coffee for lasting energy, without the crash. It might sound a little strange but it’s actually quite tasty!

portobello_mushroomsA Thai-inspired recipe, this Portobello Mushroom Salad won 1st place in Dr. Oz’s recipe contest.

White_beansThis chili was the 2nd place winner of Dr. Oz’s Two Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet recipe contest.

salmon_steak_recipeSpicy salmon over brown rice won 3rd place in Dr. Oz’s recipe contest.

Tzatziki Add this tzatziki to a grilled chicken and veggie green salad for a healthy, gluten-free lunch high in protein and calcium.

Dr Oz 2 Week Diet RecipesThis is a low-carb, Paleo-friendly alternative to spaghetti.

You’ll find more links to Dr. Oz recipes in our Dr. Junger’s Detox for Your Body Type posts:

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Let us know: Which Dr. Oz recipe is your favorite?

By Ali Wetherbee


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