Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper Alternative


The shopping is (almost!) done and it’s nearly time to get wrapping! Sure, you could upcycle some old newspaper or paper grocery sacks into creative alternative gift wrap, but some gifts deserve beautiful, special wrapping. But don’t run out and buy a few rolls of wrapping paper that will simply wind up in the trash; Envirosax make the perfect planet-friendly gift wrap! These washable, waterproof reusable designer shopping bags are made under fair working conditions and dyed with non-toxic dyes. Available in a wide array of patterns and designs, there’s something to suit everyone on your list. Use them just like you would use a disposable gift bag, or try your hand at some easy yet fancy wrapping techniques.

Even better, this alternative to gift wrap becomes part of the gift: your recipient will love the large, roomy bag, ideal for shopping, toting library books, hitting the beach, carting groceries, and so much more. These reusable bags are lightweight and fold up small, so they are easy to stash in a purse or car trunk, but they unfold to big, sturdy bags that can hold twice as much as a disposable plastic grocery bag. I use mine constantly — they fit more and hold up so much better than my other reusable shopping bags — and I always get tons of positive comments and compliments!

Easy, Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper Alternative

It’s easy to wrap presents in Envirosax instead of wrapping paper. 

A Waste-Free Holiday

It’s only one day a year, so what’s the big deal with using disposable gift bags and wrapping paper just this once? Well, all that garbage really adds up. Americans throw out 4 million tons of gift wrap and bags and 38,000 miles of ribbon every year!

The Winter Explosion pack contains enough bags to wrap 5 presents in beautiful eco-friendly gift wrap!

Simply by switching to reusable gift wrap and reusable fabric ribbons, we can eliminate our personal contribution to all that waste. It’s okay if you can’t wrap every present in sustainable wrapping alternatives. It can feel overwhelming to make that kind of transition all at once. Start with just a few gifts wrapped in eco-friendly alternatives this year. Even that small change makes a difference; if every family committed to wrapping just 3 gifts in Envirosax, we’d reduce our waste by 13.5 million feet of wrapping paper!


By Ali Wetherbee

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