4 Weight Loss Wonders with Surprising Health Benefits

Check out the sundry benefits of these superfoods for weight loss!

New year, new you — and Nourishing World is here to help! We know that losing weight tops the list of New Year’s resolutions, but recent trends have shown that this goal is slowly being replaced by resolutions that focus more on overall health, like “get in shape” or “become healthier.” What if you could do both, with a single, all-natural weight loss pill? These four weight loss wonders not only help you shed pounds, but also have some hidden extra benefits to support your general health and wellness.

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Natural Weight Loss Supplement #1: Acai

Perfect Acai aids in weight loss and improves energy, plus reduces inflammation and provides so many nutrients! Choose convenient capsules or add acai powder to drinks and smoothies.

Perfect Acai is rich in fiber, which fills you up and improves feelings of satiety. Translation: you’ll eat less, without even trying, and lose weight naturally. Plus, many report acai gives you more energy, which means you’ll be able to exercise more consistently and effectively, aiding in calorie burn. What makes acai powder really special, though, are its numerous other health benefits. Extremely high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, acai has been shown to prevent illness, combat free radical damage, reduce inflammation and autoimmune reactions, and support heart health. Studies suggest acai also slows signs of aging, strengthens hair and nails, and leaves skin more elastic. Beyond fiber, acai berry provides protein, amino acids, omega fatty acids, calcium, iron, and vitamins A, B, C, and E.

Natural Weight Loss Supplement #2: Green Coffee

Give your metabolism a boost and trigger the body to burn stored fat with green coffee, endorsed by Oprah.

Perfect Green Coffee aids in weight loss by triggering the body to burn fat stores instead of sugar for energy and boosting the metabolism. Like acai and raspberry ketones, green coffee boasts a high antioxidant content. Green coffee bean extract has also been shown to lower blood pressure and protect the heart. Because of its ability to lower blood sugar and its effect on glucose metabolism, green coffee may be ideal for those with pre-diabetes, diabetes, and obesity. With no more caffeine than a large cup of decaf coffee, Perfect Green Coffee won’t give you jitters or insomnia. Some doctors have expounded green coffee bean extract as a “magic weight loss cure for every body type.”

Natural Weight Loss Supplement #3: African Mango

Perfect African Mango acts as a natural appetite suppressant, leaving you feeling full and satisfied with less food, while boosting metabolism and improving digestion.

Perfect African Mango suppresses apetite, decreases cravings, and improves digestion while boosting metabolim and improving nutrient absorption — all factors conducive to fast weight loss. Studies have confirmed about 5-10 pounds of weight loss in just a few weeks, without changes to diet or exercise habits. That’s not all, though; African mango, or Irvingia gabonensis, lowers cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood glucose levels. African mango also promotes a normal inflammatory response. African mango contains beta carotene and ellagic acid, both of which may prevent cancer, and provides healthful nutrients including calcium, iron, B vitamins, lauric acid, and other fatty acids.

Natural Weight Loss Supplement #4: Coconut Oil!

Perfect Coconut Oil helps people with appetite suppression and fat burning. MCT’s present in Perfect Coconut Oil & Perfect MCT Oil are highly recommended for a Keto Diet.

Not only is this a healthy fat to use in recipes, the MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) in Perfect Coconut Oil can help you lose weight naturally, particularly from the waist line. MCT’s from coconut oil are carbohydrate free and highly recommended for people on a Ketogenic Diet. Coconut oil also has a beneficial effect on insulin and thyroid levels, both factors which affect body weight. A good, unrefined coconut oil promotes proper digestion, allowing for better nutrient absorption. The MCT’s in coconut oil are great for the brain, which may help with brain function. Coconut oil is an antibacterial wonder, as well as antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal. If you’re not a fan of the coconut taste, try our Perfect Coconut Oil Softgels or Perfect MCT Oil instead. Perfect MCT Oil is 100% derived from organic, ethically sourced coconut oil.

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