The No-Nonsense Guide to Choosing A Resveratrol Supplement


by Colleen Russell

What’s The Best Resveratrol supplement?

All Resveratrol supplements are not created equal, and there are a lot of brands competing for your attention.  So, how can a consumer choose the best Resveratrol supplement and ensure that the product in the bottle matches the information on the label?   We’ve done the research for you and are happy to say that the best esveratrol supplements on the market from Perfect Supplements (Perfect ResGrape and Perfect ResGrape Max) can be found in the Nourishing World supplement store.

Why are Resveratrol Supplements So Popular?

Resveratrol took the supplement market by storm in 2003, when a study published in Nature magazine reported that this polyphenol had potential benefits as a longevity enhancer. Laboratory studies have found that the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of Resveratrol can improve blood flow to the brain, inhibit the rate of blood clotting, and enhance cellular energy. Human studies have shown an improvement in insulin resistance and increased blood flow to the brain. Since the human body is unable to produce Resveratrol, taking an all-natural Resveratrol supplement is the best way to glean the benefits of this powerful substance. A diverse range of consumers now use Resveratrol supplements for bodybuilding, slowing the aging process, boosting heart health, and preventing disease. Since Resveratrol can be lab synthesized or extracted from several whole-food sources, it is important to know the source of your supplements. Our favorite Resveratrol supplement, Perfect Resgrape, is a pure blend of 99% pure trans-resveratrol and muscadine grapes.

Resveratrol Supplement Reviews

In 2010, Consumer Lab study evaluating the market’s most popular brands of Resveratrol Supplements produced some staggering results. Among the products tested, two demonstrated potency levels far lower than the label advertised. Other resveratrol supplements were found to contain potentially dangerous contaminants including cadmium and lead. Several others, because of the compression of the tablets, do not break down, making the Resveratrol undigestible.

Doctors and Resveratrol Supplements

A popular doctor recommended Resveratrol Supplements to his viewers as one of the top four supplements for living a longer life. According to him, Resveratrol is a powerful anti-inflammatory supplement and can be used to combat the damage done to the body by improper diet, poor sleep habits, and a high-stress lifestyle. Resveratrol Supplements appear safe with a dose ranging from 250-2500 mg and he recommends purchasing Resveratrol Supplements from a reputable supplier. Most doctors won’t endorse or recommend any particular brand or product, so we scoured the market and brought in the highest-quality Resveratrol Supplements that we could find. Our favorites, including the popular Perfect ResGrape, are all from reputable manufacturers and have dosages within the recommended parameters.

Nourishing World Resveratrol Supplements

Nourishing World offers high-quality Resveratrol supplements from Perfect Supplements. These products have been selected based on potency, cost, and purity.

Perfect ResGrape

A great Resveratrol Supplement choice is Perfect ResGrape. Perfect ResGrape is a 1200 mg serving of a blend of Trans-Resveratrol and Muscadine Grapes. Perfect ResGrape is guaranteed pure and has been independently laboratory tested to contain the appropriate amount of manufacturer-claimed ingredients. The Consumer Lab study in which Resveratrol supplements were tested and compared gave Perfect ResGrape the thumbs up for purity, cost, and potency. Perfect Resgrape Max, the mega-dose version of the popular Perfect ResGrape supplement, contains even more Resveratrol — a whopping two times as much!

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  1. It is a good supplement for enhancing your nutritional and muscular needs,but they need to be taken under expert advice so that you don’t get overdosed on that supplement and invite diseases.The right amount to be taken and how much your body needs to develop muscular body should be advised by an expert.

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