How to Beat Seasonal Allergies


By Lynn Gamwell

It is allergy season, and people all around me are sniffling and snuffling their way through.  I know that I am one of the lucky ones whose allergy symptoms are mild to non-existent, but several of my near and dear are not so lucky. As soon as the trees started budding and the pollen count went up we started going through tissue like it was toilet paper!  As I listened to their tales of woe, I wondered if there was something that hadn’t been tried. Disinclined to use nasal steroids, we turned to the natural herbal and homeopathic world to see what could help.

Allergy Symptoms

If you are an allergy sufferer you don’t need to be told how miserable it can be. The sneezing, the runny nose, the itchy, watery, red eyes make life miserable. The most common allergens which cause respiratory symptoms are dust mites, molds, pet dander and saliva, smoke, and, of course, pollen. People say that the best way to avoid allergic attacks is to avoid the allergen. But that is hardly realistic at this time of year when pollen coats everything outside, from our cars to our pets to our clothing. Even open windows are problematic for sufferers. So do hay fever sufferers have to stay inside as the natural world beckons to enjoy the spring bursting forth?

Nourishing World has an Array of Options

Fortunately there are options beyond the pharmaceutical steroids and antihistamines, and they don’t involve being cooped up indoors with all your windows closed for several months of the year! Nourishing World has several options from a lung cleansing herbal formula (Allertrex), to a homeopathic formula that works like an antihistamine without the side effects (VAXA Aller-sine).

GHC Allertrex

GHC Allertrex, is unique among allergy formulas in that it’s combination of iodine with respiratory healing herbs actually cleanses airways eliminating toxins that are breathed in. It reduces discomfort of the nose and throat and opens up airways to increase oxygen intake. Allertrex can be used on a maintenance schedule of several times a week and increased in times of acute respiratory challenges.

VAXA Allersine

A physician selected the 18 homeopathic remedies in VAXA Aller-sine that provide antihistamine like, broad relief of symptoms associated with common allergic symptoms such as itchy watery eyes, nasal stuffiness, cough and chest congestion, low energy, aching full head, and runny nose. VAXA Allersine can even help with food allergies and insect bite reactions such as hives. Homeopathic formulas rarely have side effects yet can be extremely effective options for symptom alleviation. VAXA Allersine offers a comprehensive homeopathic treatment for many types of allergies and sensitivities.

VAXA Sinus

VAXA Sinus combines 5 homeopathic remedies for respiratory ailments with top ranked herbs for respiratory health and healing. These include Boswellia, Stinging Nettle, and Turmeric along with nutrients such as Bromelain, Ginger, Quercetin, and Ascorbic Acid. These ingredients work synergistically to decrease congestion, post-nasal drip, pressure in the head and forehead, cough, sneezing, inflammation, and general lethargy. VAXA Sinus works equally well for the common cold and can be taken as needed for chronic as well as acute symptoms.

Let’s Think in Broad Terms

We here at Nourishing World are generally inclined to think holistically about symptoms, meaning that while symptom relief and healing is important, keeping the body healthy as a whole should result in fewer symptoms in the first place. So consider a broad view to treating allergies by eating a healthy diet with supplemental probiotics (such as Prescript-Assist) to increase beneficial bacteria in the gut thereby reducing the incidence of allergic reactions. And when seasonal allergies do hit, as they inevitably do for some, one of the most calming and immediate things we suggest is to apply Blue Ice Calm Balm to the chest. The soothing relief of camphor will open up stuffy heads, noses, and chests while easing aching muscles with penetrating pain relief.

Enjoy the Season!

Don’t let seasonal allergies keep you cooped up inside! Find relief and freedom from hay fever and other types of sinusitis with excellent natural solutions from Nourishing World.   Explore these carefully selected products for yourself. We would love to hear your feedback about how they worked for you!


























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  1. Thanks so much for unique information. I will share it with my family and friends who suffer. As a herbalist and natural health practitioner, I offer suggestions when asked or reccomendations I have heard have sincerely helped. 😉

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