Super Foods for Super Healthy Pets!


by Lynn Gamwell

Our pets are such an integral part of our families. They share their love unconditionally and bring joy and companionship into our lives. Often we feel closer to our pets than to many people. So it would stand to reason that we want to feed our beloved animals the healthiest diets we can. Just as we are concerned with our own nutrition, we need to think carefully about the choices we are making for our pets. They depend on us to feed and care for them as we would any other member of our family.

Pet Supplements

It can be challenging to get all the necessary nutrients a pet needs through diet alone. Especially if one is using commercial pet food that depends heavily on meat from CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations), the food may be low in necessary amino acids, phytonutrients, trace minerals, and fatty acids. In reality, most commercial pet food is not very good for pets. But even if you are serving your animal real meat, it still may be lacking. Supplementation is the critical piece for prevention and treatment of illness. This is because supplements treat the root causes of illness rather than only the symptoms thereby strengthening the body’s overall health. Nourishing World has a comprehensive line of family pet products to naturally boost your pet’s health and give your furry friends the nutrition they deserve.  Our most recent supplement addition is one we think will have tails wagging everywhere!

Green Mush

Nourishing World has recently added Green Mush by Healthforce to our pet product line up.  This organic, non-GMO, vegan combination of superfoods is designed to augment your pet’s diet, but it’s so full of natural goodness you could even eat it yourself!  It was developed by Dr. James Sheridan, a doctor of homeopathic medicine, who is committed to making pure, hard-core, nutritionals with super high standards for source quality and absence of any toxic substances. He developed Green Mush originally for his pet rat, June.   Many versions were tried until he was satisfied that June both loved her mush and was exhibiting increased vitality and health. Although Dr. Sheridan’s work focuses primarily on humans, his compassion for animals inspired him to market June’s superfood powder as Green Mush so that other people’s pets could be in amazing health like June and Dr. Sheridan’s other pets.

Many pets love Green Mush as much as June does. Some animals will be happy to lap it straight up though others will want it mixed in with their food. Some animals take a little while to get used to the new taste, but most eventually look and feel so much better that they develop an eagerness for it. The Green Mush delivers 100% absorbable high concentrations of potent whole food nutrients and probiotics.

To serve Green Mush mix a little of the green powder with liquid such as water, milk, or coconut oil, to create the “mush”. One can also use yogurt or juice if your animal prefers it. (See product serving size suggestions for various types and sizes of animals on the Green Mush product ) This reconstitutes the dried whole foods including spirulina, chlorella, nettles, wheat grass, kelp, carob pod, alfalfa leaf juice, burdock root, dulse leaf, ginger root and abundant Co-enzyme Q10 for energy production and longevity. Probiotics and digestive enzymes from organic whole food sources are added for ultimate digestive and immune health.

Give Green Mush to your pets for:

  • Strong and vibrant energy
  • Improving digestion
  • Maintaining a soft and shiny coat
  • Accelerated healing
  • Greater longevity
  • Decreasing inflammation and arthritis
  • Improvement in hind leg paralysis
  • Freshening breath
  • Alkalizing with powerful green superfoods

Nourishing World recommends all pets get Green Mush in their diet. It provides the optimal nutrition to prevent and ease the symptoms of disease. Dr. Sheridan’s unique standards for integrity and caring for our non-human mammalian family members is unsurpassed in the world of pet supplements. The integrity of his products, and of Green Mush in particular, will have your pet looking and feeling better than you ever knew possible. Give your pet the Green Mush advantage and feel the love!




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