Best Brain Boosting Supplements & Back-to-School Sale

Boost their brains to give them the best advantages!

Whether you’re putting your kindergartner on the bus for the first time or watching your teenager drive off to high school (yikes!), send them off on the right foot with brain boosting supplements and healthy, planet-friendly lunch products!


What makes a good brain boosting supplement?

For one, it is loaded with lots of healthy omega fatty acids, particularly EPA & DHA. Omegas play an important role in the brain development of babies and children. Some studies show they may play a role in preventing certain mental health disorders. Interestingly, many children diagnosed with ADHD also have low omega 3 levels. Coincidence? Probably not. Check out this article for more information about how boosting omega 3’s has been used to help those with ADHD.

Cod Liver Oil

Picture of Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil and Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil bottles on a bckground of live fish.There are many good reason’s why cod liver oil is called “food for the brain” but the biggest one is because it is loaded with Omega 3’s, in particular the coveted EPA and DHA omega 3s. Here at Nourishing World, we only sell raw cod liver oils, Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil.  This is because the heat and chemical processing of most cod liver oils damages the nutrients and synthetics are often added back in to compensate for the loss. Raw cod liver oils contain the most naturally occurring nutrients.

Emu Oil

Picture of Walkabout Emu Oil in all three forms on a background picture of an Emu.While Emu Oil has gotten more popular over the last few years, many people have still never heard of it. Emu Oil has been used for millennia by aboriginals like fish oil is used by coastal native populations. Like cod liver oil, it is very high in Omega 3’s. It also contains a good amount of vitamin E, an antioxidant shown to be good for the brain. Walkabout Emu Oil, the brand we sell, is particularly high in vitamin K2, as well. Numerous studies have been done on vitamin K2 demonstrating that it can help with many things including memory. Vitamin K2 is found throughout the body, but it is found in high concentrations in the brain, suggesting that it is vital for cognitive function. One of the things I like best about Emu Oil is no fish burps. This may be much easier to get your children to take as it doesn’t taste terrible.

Medium Chain Fatty Acids for Brain Boosting

Picture of Perfect Coconut Oil and Perfect MCT oil on a background of a coconut.Medium chain fatty acids, commonly found in  medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), also seem to be very beneficial for brain function. This is because they break down very quickly and turn into ketones, which are a great source energy for the brain. People on a Ketogenic diet generally want to eat a lot of MCTs because they use this for energy instead of carbs. Learn more about a keto diet here.

For our returning students, getting coconut oil into them for breakfast and/or lunch can be very beneficial for overall energy and memory retention in and out of school. Our favorite is Perfect Coconut oil because it is Extra Virgin, Organic and cold pressed. If your kids hate the taste of coconut, then try Perfect MCT Oil. This doesn’t have a strong taste because it is just a couple of the MCT’s from the organic coconut oil. I prefer the whole coconut oil because it contains so much more than just a couple MCTs, but for those who don’t like the taste, or anyone on a very low carb or keto diet, MCT oil may be a better choice.


Litter-Free Lunches

Picture of New Wave Enviro's Litter Free Lunch Box including all three BPA-free containers and water bottle.This complete lunch kit is aimed at eliminating lunch time waste. Let’s keep wasteful ziploc baggies, aluminum foil, expensive juice boxes, and drink bottles out of the land fills. This can also replace individually-wrapped snack foods! The New Wave Enviro Litter-Free Lunch Kit comes with four reusable, microwave and  dishwasher safe, BPA-free plastic containers, along with a BPA-free plastic water bottle. It all fits into the insulated lunch bag, which comes in your choice of fun, gender-neutral designs suitable for toddlers right on up to teens and adults.

Stainless Steel Containers & the Bamboo Lunch Bag

Picture of safe stainless steel lunch containers, insulated container, and bamboo lunch bag from New Wave Enviro.We have a plethora of stainless steel food containers for you to toss into any lunch bag. Try these Kid Basix containers which close tight and come in fun colors. Also, the cover can be attached so you never have to waste time looking for a cover when you’re rushing to get out the door for school or work.

Want to keep hot food hot until lunch? Try these insulated, double wall stainless steel food containers. Last night’s chili has never tasted better.

Any of these containers can be tossed into a bag or backpack, and two or three will fit perfectly in our Bamboo Lunch Bag.

BPA-Free Water Bottles

Picture of a Panda Flip & Sip Water Bottler, Perfosal Glass Bottle, 40 oz Sport Bottle, And Double Walled Hot & Cold Water BottlesFlip ‘N Sip Water Bottles are made from food grade stainless steel, and all plastic parts are BPA-free. They are easy to handle – even for very young children. Kids will love the fun designs! These water bottles are simple to clean (dishwasher safe), and the flip-top sipper means no spills. Looking for something a little different? We have a big selection of BPA-free water bottles in stainless steel and glass.

So start your kids off on the right foot this school year with something good for them, brain boosting supplements. And something good for the planet, reusable lunch containers and water bottles. Peace and have a great school year!

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By Kerrie Bross

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