Beat the Bug With The Six Best Natural Immune Boosters

#6 Get Outside Fresh Air Is Good For Us!

What a crazy time we are living through. This worldwide pandemic, and how we will eventually overcome it, will be in the history books. Whether it’s the coronavirus*, flu or the common cold, a healthy immune system is a great way to help our bodies prevent sickness. Below is a list of my favorite immune boosters. These also work great to boost your immune system even if you are already sick, helping many feel better faster. As with any supplements, check with your healthcare provider or do your own research for any  contraindications for medicine, or conditions, such as pregnancy.

Nourishing World has high quality whole food Organic Vitamin C supplements.#1 Real Whole Food Vitamin C

Real whole food vitamin C comes from real food and is not created in a lab, like synthetic vitamin C, commonly known as ascorbic acid. Real whole food Vitamin C contains all the cofactors necessary for our bodies to properly absorb it. You need far less because it is highly bioavailable. In fact, taking super high doses of ascorbic acid daily can cause health issues. A friend of mine was taking some mega-dose vitamin C product every day for a couple weeks and developed kidney stones. She has four young children and home schools. One of them caught a cold and it was quickly spreading. She was trying to prevent getting the cold and started taking it. What she didn’t realize is ascorbic acid needs the high doses because, without the cofactors, not much actually gets absorbed. And where do you think all this goes? That’s right in the toilet, but via our kidneys first. The high amounts of ascorbic acid flushing through her kidneys caused her kidney stones – she’d have been better off with the cold! Nourishing World’s favorite whole food vitamin C supplements: Pure Radiance C, Catie’s Vitamin C Plus, and High Vitamin C Powder.

Best Soil-Based ProbioticsProbiotics – Healthy Gut, Healthy You

Did you know that 80% of our immune system is in our intestines? This is why a healthy gut is vital to a healthy immune system. And, antibiotics, along with some other well meaning supplements, can really reduce the amount of healthy bacteria in our guts. This is why taking probiotics, along with prebiotics are vital if you are taking antibiotics, or even supplements with an antibiotic effect, like colloidal silver.

The best way to take probiotics while on an antibiotic is to take it two hours after antibiotics – giving it as long as possible in your system before you take the next dose, which is hopefully in more than 2 hours. In the case of Sovereign Silver (see # 5), which we sometimes take every two hours, I just triple up on my probiotics doses – taking them in the middle of my Sovereign Silver doses. Except for when we take the last one, when we leave the two hour window at the end of the night so we can let the probiotics really get some good work done over night. Nourishing World’s favorite probiotic & prebiotic formulas: The one I take, Prescript-Assist , and Just Thrive.

Green Pastures or Rosita Cod Liver Oil both contain high amounts of antioxidants and help boost immune systems.Cod Liver Oil – Grandma’s Ancient Remedy

Cod Liver oil has been used since Viking times as a general health tonic and sickness aid. The raw, minimally processed cod liver oils are loaded with so many complex nutrient combinations, they can’t help but do good! Those complex nutrient combinations form many symbiotic relationships that do our bodies wonders. Grandma always said to take a little spoonful every day – and when you’re sick break out the big spoon! Nourishing World’s favorite cod liver oil’s: Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil, Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil Blend, and Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil.

Perfect Acai Revive is made from 100% real, ethically sourced, organic acai berries.Perfect Acai Revive – Antioxidant & Herbal Superpower

Perfect Acai by itself is a great immune boosting supplement. Acai is a phenomenal antioxidant with an outrageously high ORAC value of 50,000 per 100 gm. Each Perfect Acai serving of 2 Capsules has 1000 mg of high quality, fairy-traded, organic acai – and you get 3000 mg per scoop of Perfect Acai Powder.

Perfect Acai Revive is a combination of antioxidant rich Perfect Acai and two powerful adaptogenic herbs, rhodiola rosea and cordyceps. The adaptogenic herbs are great for immune boosting because they help our bodies deal with any kind of stress. We have all heard that stress can play a key role in weakening the immune system. Adaptogenic herbs help our bodies manage stress and keep our immunity high.

A picture of a bottle of Sovereign Silver Immune Support on a background of an atom with lots of ions.Sovereign Silver – Feel Better Faster

Sometimes it just happens and we get sick. Colloidal Silver is an amazing immune booster. It has been used since ancient times to purify drinking water, speed healing, and improve overall health and wellness. We like Sovereign Silver colloidal silver best because it is ultra-purified, and manufactured without the salts and compounds that contaminate other brands. The particles in Sovereign Silver are the smallest size possible, enhancing bioavailability and absorption. Sovereign Silver has been shown to aid the body in combating bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections, and strengthen the immune system.

I personally love Sovereign Silver colloidal silver for flus and colds. As soon as anyone in my family isn’t feeling well, I start giving this to them every two hours – up to seven times a day. We always feel much better after just one day of seven doses! But we continue taking it, slowly reducing the amount to five times a day, then three times, etc. I like to take it at least twice a day until two days after I feel no symptoms. Like with antibiotics, if you stop too soon, some illnesses can come back with a vengeance.

Fresh Air & Lots of Water – Get Outside – Fresh Air is Good For Us!

I know many of us are staying home, but get out in the yard and do some gardening, or play ball with your kids. Fresh air increases the amount of oxygen available in our blood which helps our white blood cells fight germs. And, bonus, being outside makes us happy which helps boost our immune system!

Drinking adequate amounts of water is one of the best things we can do to help our bodies detox. Our kidneys use a lot of water to flush toxins from our bodies. But, if we don’t drink enough, roughly 64 oz daily for adults, our kidneys don’t get what they need to properly do their job. Just remember the importance of filtered water.

Best thing about fresh air and water – they are free and unlimited!

*Nothing so far has been proven to prevent or cure the coronavirus, because it is so new. However, these remedies have worked on boosting the immune to prevent and/or speed the recovery from other sicknesses.

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