The Long-Lost Benefits Of Eating Organ Meat

eating organ meats nose to tail helps you get all the nutritional benefits of organ meat

Throughout human history, organ meat was a cherished and prized food source. Traditional cultures, warriors, gladiators, olympians, hunter-gatherers, or more recently, Bruce Lee, ate organ meat to nourish their body. (Because of his Chinese roots, liver was one of Bruce Lee’s favorite meals.) 

But that’s not the case today. 

In fact, if you walk up to a stranger on the street and ask them if they want a bite of your organ meat, you’ll get a dazed look of bewilderment. People who have never tried organ meat before don’t find the thought of trying it particularly mouth-watering. 

That’s unfortunate because it’s been one of the most nutritious staples in the human diet since the beginning of human history. Organ meats are one of the first superfoods humans ate. 

In this article, we’ll look at some of the long-lost benefits of eating organ meat. And how to get the benefits if you can’t make yourself devour the slimy, sometimes rubbery texture and earthy taste organ meat has. 

Why Are Organ Meats Nutritious? 

The main reason organ meats are so nutritious compared to other types of food is because they’re an important source of essential amino acids — along with other micronutrients, fatty acids, enzymes, and cofactors that nourish your entire body. 

Here’s why that’s important: 

Your body uses essential amino acids to transform them through protein synthesis into nucleoproteins, antibodies, enzymes, and tissue cells. 

But perhaps the most interesting reason why they’re so nutritious is the “like-for-like” benefit you get. 

Each type of organ contains organ-specific nutrients corresponding to the organ in your body. Your body recognizes these organ-specific nutrients in organ meat and transports them to the same organ in your body. 

Back to the “like-for-like” benefit, this means that eating… 

  • Liver organ is good for your liver 
  • Heart organ is good for your heart 
  • Kidney organ is good for your kidneys 
  • Brain organ is good for your brain 
  • Tongue organ is good for your tongue 
  • Prostate organ is good for your prostate 
  • Bone marrow organ is good for your bones 

And this also applies to every other type of organ meat you can get your hands on. 

If you read our last article, The Ultimate Guide To Naturally Improving Your Bone Health, then you know that the reason why ancient indigenous tribes rarely experienced physical issues like osteoporosis, frequent bone breakage, or joint and dental issues was because they didn’t waste any part of the animal. Meaning, they ate the bone marrow — and used animal’s bones as their primary source of calcium. 

And this happens with every type of organ meat because the organ-specific nutrients in organ meat that your body recognizes and transports to that specific organ in your body.

Isn’t Mother Nature amazing? 

But that’s not all: 

Besides the “like-for-like” benefits you get in your organ meat, most organ meats are much more nutrient-dense than muscle meat. 

Organ meat is rich in B-vitamins — such as vitamin B12 and folate. They’re also loaded with important minerals (like iron, magnesium, selenium and zinc) and fat-soluble vitamins (like vitamins A, D, E, and K). And they’re an excellent source of protein too. 

Let’s look at one example of a 3.5 ounce portion of cooked beef liver.

This 3.5 ounce portion contains:

  • 27 grams of protein 
  • 1,386% of vitamin B12
  • 730% of copper 
  • 522% of vitamin A
  • 201% of riboflavin 
  • 87% of niacin 
  • 51% of vitamin B6
  • 47% of selenium 
  • 35% of zinc 
  • 34% of iron 

And the kicker? 

This 3.5 ounce portion of cooked beef liver only contains about 175 calories. 

Talk about getting your bang for your buck! And it’s nutritional profile blows steak out of the water. 

Not to mention, the “like-for-like” benefits means eating this 3.5 oz cooked beef liver will also detox your liver. 

The “Nose To Tail” Secret For Boosting Your Health and Wellbeing  

Remember how I said ancient indigenous tribes rarely experienced physical issues like osteoporosis, frequent bone breakage, or joint and dental issues?

That’s thanks to this “Nose To Tail” secret. 

Here’s what I mean: 

Nose to tail eating means eating or using every single part of the animal (and yes, I mean the entire animal). Ancient indigenous tribes did this because animals were sacred to them. And because eating or using the entire animal was far easier than hunting for another animal. 

Ancient indigenous tribes weren’t the only ancient people who did this. Hunter-gatherers, gladiators, ancient Olympians, and even the Roman Empire thought organ meat was sacred. 

In fact, gladiators, Olympians, and the Roman Empire frequently feasted on raw animal testes to enhance their vigor, vitality, and virility. 

(Hey, I warned you they ate the entire animal!) 

And these ancient people also believed the “like-for-like” benefit of eating organ meat I mentioned earlier. They had a theory that eating an animal’s heart improved their heart health, and so on. 

And modern science has confirmed their theory:

Research done at the University of Scotland in Edinburgh backs up the theory that eating animal organs helps improve your health in your corresponding organs. Here’s what Dr. Ron Schmid, ND, who conducted this experiment said: 

Radioisotope labelling studies in animals have shown conclusively that, when eaten, organs and glands selectively travel to the corresponding organs and glands in high concentrations. This research, done at the University of Scotland in Edinburgh, lends credence to the ancient practice of eating animal organs to help ensure health in one’s corresponding organs…”

Our ancestors knew this on an instinctual level, which is why they nourished their body with nose to tail nutrients. And why they didn’t deal with many of the modern problems we battle today with our health. Osteoporosis and heart disease are just two examples. 

Now that you know the benefits, maybe you’re more inclined to eat organ meat. But chances are, if you don’t already eat organ meat, then it’s a big, slimy, earthy jump to incorporate more organ meat into your diet. 

But don’t worry, we got you covered. 

How To Get The Benefits Of Organ Meat If Eating It Repulses You

Organ meat is nutritious but not that appetizing. That's why grass-fed organ supplements are critical to your health

Organ meat supplements to the rescue! 

Organ therapy, or using specific supplements to improve your organ health, has skyrocketed in popularity. 


Because it makes it much easier to get all the nutrients from organ meats without eating the slimy texture and earthy taste of organ meat yourself. Sure, you can make meals with organ meats as your staple protein source. But many people don’t like the taste — and it’s definitely an acquired taste. 

But using organ meat supplements makes this process easier without losing any of the benefits when you use high-quality organ supplements that keep all the nutrients intact. 

We are expanding our organ offering and encourage you to try one of the following — especially if you want to improve your health of a specific organ. Remember the “like for like” benefits of organ meat and supplements — where a liver supplements improves your liver health, and so on. 

All the recommendations below come from NXGEN and Perfect Supplements — high-quality companies who retain as much nutrient integrity in their products as possible. 

1. Boost your immunity Beef Thymus 

The thymus gland produces thymosin, a hormone that helps turn white blood cells into T-cells. Matured T-cells then move to the lymph nodes to boost the immune system, where they attack viruses, bacteria, and other foreign substances. 

Beef Thymus is extra helpful during cold and flu season. 

And each serving contains 1000mg of Bovine Thymus Powder and 1000mg Bovine Liver Powder. 

You can discover more of the benefits and order NXGEN Grass-Fed Beef Thymus here: 

2. Improve your bone health with Bone Marrow and Whole Bone Matrix 

Both of these supplements improve your bone health, but each have slightly different benefits. 

You can discover the differences between the two in this article

And you can order NXGEN Grass-Fed Bone Marrow here: 

Or NXGEN Grass-Fed Whole Bone Matrix highly absorbable calcium here:

3. Get natural thyroid support with Beef Thyroid

NXGEN Beef Thyroid Capsules naturally offer nutrients, enzymes, proteins, and peptides to support a low functioning thyroid—while also boosting energy, metabolism, immunity, and overall health and vitality. 

Each serving size contains 30 mg of Thyroid Powder and 470 mg of Liver Powder. 

You can discover more of the benefits and order NXGEN Grass-Fed Beef Thyroid here:

4. Protect your liver with NXGEN Beef Liver or Perfect Desiccated Liver

Beef liver is simply the most nutrient dense superfood that you can consume. It has more protein, vitamins and minerals than any food on the planet! Dr. Weston A. Price recommends 7 ounces of organ meat weekly. And these NXGEN Beef Liver capsules make getting 7 ounces of organ meat weekly a breeze. 

Each serving contains 3000 mg of beef liver powder. 

You can discover more of the benefits and order NXGEN Grass-Fed Liver Capsules here:

As for Perfect Desiccated Liver…

Perfect Desiccated Liver offers an extensive list of possible benefits in two easy forms, capsules or powder. Consider the impressive list of potential benefits offered in this high quality beef liver powder supplement:

  • Tremendous source of ALL B vitamins, including especially crucial nutrients such as B12 and folate (B9). B12 is critical to energy levels, cell function, reproductive health, and more.
  • Offers rich mineral content including zinc, copper, and iron – minerals which are important for red blood cell health.
  • Provides CoQ10.
  • Protein rich: Perfect Desiccated Liver is over two thirds protein content by weight.
  • Provides multiple amino acids. Beef liver is a rich source of many amino acids. Among other important functions, amino acids help with muscle building and repair.
  • Excellent source of vitamin A. When it comes to naturally occurring vitamin A sources, you can’t beat Perfect Desiccated Liver supplements.
  • Organ meat from grass-fed cows is an excellent source of Vitamin K, Dr. Westin Price’s X-Factor or Activator X.

Each serving contains 3000 mg of Desiccated Beef Liver Powder.

You can discover more of the benefits and order Perfect Desiccated Liver here:

5. Keep your urinary tract healthy with Beef Kidney 

NXGEN Grass-Fed Kidney Capsules support optimal kidney health, as beef organs support the health of each respective organ in humans. But, they have also been shown to help with the entire urinary tract as well as energy levels, immunity, overall well being, and vitality. 

Each serving contains 2000 mg of Bovine Kidney. 

You can discover more of the benefits and order NXGEN Grass-Fed Kidney Capsules here:

6. Enhance your cardiovascular health with Beef Heart

NXGEN Organic Beef Heart Capsules support optimal heart health. Other noticed benefits include increased energy levels, immune boosting, a sense of well-being and overall vitality. 

Organic grass-fed beef heart contains the most natural CoQ10 of any food. For years, CoQ10 has been touted by specialists as being an excellent supplement for heart health. Even more, it provides unique proteins, peptides, enzymes, and cofactors that can only be found in heart tissue. Eating high quality beef heart supplements can, in turn, help to strengthen and support the human heart.

You can discover more of the benefits and order NXGEN Grass-Fed Heart here:

7. Optimize your male body with Male Optimise Beef Organs

NXGEN Male Optimise is a natural, whole food supplement offering beef testicles, prostate, heart, liver, and bone marrow, which all work together to boost low testosterone, libido, and fertility. 

Civilizations have consumed these prized organs for centuries, as they’ve been shown to support “like for like” health in that same respective organ in humans. 

Most notably, ancient gladiators were known to consume raw animal testicles to treat signs of low testosterone and decreased vigor. And, ancient Olympians would chew on raw animal testicles for a boost right before their competition! With Male Optimise, ancient wisdom can help support issues many modern men face.

You can discover more of the benefits and order NXGEN Grass-Fed Male Optimise Beef Organs here:

8. Get a super nutrient boost with NXGEN Grass Fed Beef Organs or Perfect Multi-Organs

NXGEN Grass Fed Beef Organs include beef liver, heart, kidney, and bone marrow. These organs have been shown to support the health of each respective organ in humans along with organ health in general, energy levels, immunity, well-being, and vitality.

And they’re absolutely chock-full of nutrients thanks to 500 mg of each Bovine Liver, Bovine Heart, Bovine Kidney, and Bovine Bone Marrow included in every serving. 

You can discover more of the benefits and order NXGEN Grass-Fed Beef Organs here:

As for Perfect Multi-Organs…

Perfect Multi Organs contains about 500 mg of each of the 6 following organs: liver, heart, thymus, spleen, kidney, and pancreas. And they’re all from 100% pasture-raised, grass-fed New Zealand cows and sheep.

These organs in particular were selected for their synergistic effect. Essentially, they boost each other so they are so much better than the sum of their parts. The symbiotic relationships in the vast variety of nutrients helps to boost our immune system, as well as support all those same organs in us. And best of all, this supplement is not heat processed – it’s freeze dried which preserves more nutrients than heat processes.

It’s jam-packed with important nutrients your body needs to function at an optimal level.

You can discover all the benefits and order Perfect Multi-Organs here:

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