4 Updates to Make Your Family’s Home More Eco-Friendly and Less Toxic 

Home improvements serve many purposes. They make your home more functional, expand square footage, increase value, and even make your home more environmentally conscious. When it comes to the latter, there are numerous ways to update your home in order to improve your household’s carbon footprint. By updating some of your home’s systems and features, you can avoid toxic chemicals, conserve energy, and even save money down the road. For those looking to achieve a cleaner lifestyle for your family, consider some of these updates so you can enjoy a less toxic, natural home. 

Water filtration systems

With how frequently tap water is used, we don’t often think about its quality nor its impact on our health. But believe it or not, one study found considerable levels of PFAS in twenty cities nationwide. PFAS are toxins linked to a number of harmful health conditions, yet are found in a significant portion of US drinking water and are continuously used in packaging and many other household products. 

How can you curb these PFAS in your home? A water filtration system. These filters remove chemicals like chlorine, heavy metals, PCBs, arsenic, asbestos, and other toxins commonly found in municipal water supplies. Not only do they purify your tap water, but they prevent any bad tastes and odors as well. You can also find purification devices for showers and

bath water as additional safety measures for your family. We recommend New Wave Enviro brand for water filtration systems and shower filters.

New roofing

The outside of your home can be instrumental in protecting it from natural elements, helping you conserve water and energy inside. Your roof, for example, can impact your home’s insulation, affecting how hard your heating and cooling systems work. This makes it especially important to invest in a durable, eco-friendly roof such as a metal roof. You can also conserve additional energy by strategically planting your landscaping to provide more shade where it counts.

We know that roofing maximizes your home’s energy-efficiency, but new roofing has plenty of other benefits as well. Its moisture-fighting capabilities lead to decreased chances of mold and increased air quality. The best energy-efficient roofing options can also significantly enhance your home’s curb appeal. Not only does a new roof look aesthetically pleasing, but curb appeal financially increases your home’s value, and makes it more appealing to buyers and easier to sell later on down the road. 

Smart home technology

Smart home technology is the perfect way to save energy and money effortlessly. It regulates multiple systems throughout the home so that you’re not using any excess energy so as to waste it. From your smart device, you can control the majority of your home’s systems all at the same time. The customization and flexibility of this technology makes the decision to implement it an easy one. 

Connect to your heating and cooling system in order to control the temperature of your home so that it’s not wasting energy by heating or cooling unnecessarily. Smart lighting makes it easy to turn your lights on and off with the click of a button. Appliances can even be interconnected to your smart home system, giving you peace of mind when you’re uncertain about whether or not you’ve turned them off. Plus, you can connect to your security system as well, where you can manage your home’s security and safety constantly in case of an emergency.

Home garden

What better way to control the chemicals you consume than to grow your own food? Incorporate some home grown foods into your diet so that you know what ingredients are going into your family’s meals. Start a garden in your yard and keep it natural throughout all the stages of building. Keep the soil free of chemicals and toxins and consider using

compost. If you’re growing crops, plant them in a raised bed and keep them separate enough from one another to ensure they get enough light and circulation. 

Protect your plants without using pesticides. Welcome friendly animals that will naturally fight pests without damaging the integrity of your homegrown food. You can also secure their safety with nets and other covers. Taking all these steps and precautions will help you achieve a toxin-free lifestyle, avoiding many of the preservatives and chemicals that come with food bought at the grocery store. You may also be shocked to learn that you can use some of these homegrown items to incorporate into your cleaning supplies, making them toxin-free, too.

A home doesn’t become green overnight. It takes a lot of physical effort and a few lifestyle changes to accomplish. Know that there are always more ways, both simple and complex, to be eco-conscious, so the list doesn’t stop here! 

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