Part 2: Our Results From 2 Weeks Following An Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition Guide

Woo Hoo!

Woo Hoo!!!!

For me, eliminating inflammatory foods gave results quick! I noticed a difference by day four. I had less pain and was moving better. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt by the end of the two weeks! The pain was essentially gone. My two weeks ended on a Thursday, July 21 and I was feeling so good I didn’t want to stop. Which is good because I needed to do some testing to see if anything was an instant trigger. I started testing dairy and cheese first because I missed that more than sweets. I had no reaction to dairy and that was the only thing I wanted to test – I was eating clean and feeling good.

As the story goes for many people, strict eliminating does not last long. On Saturday night, I went to a party and there were homemade cookies. UGG – gluten and sugar – and I hadn’t tested either! Oh well, they were so good going down. Luckily, I had no bad reaction – no noticeable pain or swelling. 

I went back to eating clean on Sunday, but left for a family vacation in Acadia, Maine, on Monday. I enjoyed lots of gluten and sugar on vacation. It is so hard to eat right when every meal is prepared by someone else. 

My biggest downfall?

The make-your-own Belgian waffle station at our all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. I had 1/2 of one of those bad boys every morning for 4 days. With whatever eggs were being served, so I did get some protein. Does blueberry compote count as eating fruit? Probably not. 😉

I ended up eating gluten, sugar and all kinds of processed food daily. Surprisingly, this did not effect my results.

No Pain Returned

What’s more, I saw my massage therapist a week after we returned from vacation. She said my body felt completely different. All the inflammation was gone and she could get at the muscles much easier. It seems all I needed was a good reset. 

The Best News – This anti-Inflammatory diet was not as hard to follow as many elimination diets. 

It was unanimous – the diet helped!

One of my sisters has more physical issues than I, and she has done amazingly well on this diet. She chose to stay on it after the two weeks, except she has added the dairy and cheese with no ill effects. 

Reducing Chronic Knee Pain

She had knee problems for years and it had been getting worse – it started to effect her walking. She also struggles with her weight, which doesn’t help the knee problems. In January, she started working out with a trainer once a week and doing stretches more during the week. The knee strengthening and stretching were helping, but she still had a lot of inflammation. 

She also experienced great results: significantly less swelling in both her knees and she lost 9 lbs during the two weeks! Her knee problems are not completely gone, but she feels so much better – I saw her do a real unassisted squat last week! 

Reducing Chronic Arthritis Pain

My other sister was mainly doing it for moral support, wasn’t feeling any acute pains new or old, but wondered if it would help her minor arthritis. And, not surprisingly, it did! She was also pleasantly surprised (then not really surprised) that her Plantar Fasciitis also felt better. She has remained mostly following the guide, too because she feels better.

Another gal who did this with us learned that gluten and sugar are immediate triggers for her arthritis pain. Now she knows that she needs to eliminate gluten and sugar most of the time or her inflammation comes back very quickly.

Since returning from our vacation, I have gone back to mostly eliminating gluten, sugar, highly processed oils and processed foods and have remained virtually pain free for almost a year. 😉

We all found there were many benefits to following an anti-inflammatory nutrition guide for just two weeks!

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