The Good News About Medicinal Mushrooms for Pain Relief

Don't want to miss a minute? Try medicinal mushrooms for pain.

Medicinal Mushrooms – Not Just for Immune Boosting!

Do you know that medicinal mushrooms have been used in Chinese medicine for pain relief and so much more for centuries? And, modern research corroborates what some have known for a very long time.

Mushrooms have a long history in traditional medicine. Their many potential benefits are attributed to amazing compounds like beta glucans, terpenes, and other bioactive substances. These substances have been found to possess anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, pain relief and even anticancer properties. 

Here is a list of some of the studied benefits of medicinal mushrooms:

  • Immune system boosting
  • Reducing physical and mental fatigue
  • Alleviating anxiety and stress
  • Increasing energy
  • Reducing inflammation and pain
  • Improving digestive issues and gut health
  • Supporting proper blood sugar levels
  • Aiding healthy heart function
  • Supporting healthy liver function
  • Toxin removal from the body

How do Medicinal Mushrooms help with Pain Relief?

Physical pain and discomfort can stem from factors including injury, inflammation, and nerve damage. Inflammation is our bodies’ natural response to injury and infection and often adds to any pain.

Medicinal mushrooms, especially the ones in Perfect Mushroom Immunity, are high in antioxidants – which makes them amazing for our immune system. But antioxidants also fight inflammation. Beta glucan, one of the amazing antioxidant compounds in these mushrooms, is known to have anti-inflammatory properties.

And it is not just the antioxidants in mushrooms helping with inflammation. A 2017 study shows that other polysaccharides found in some mushrooms, in particular reishi, aid in the reduction of inflammation.

Perfect Mushroom Immunity: Great for Natural Pain Relief Too!

When Perfect Supplements set out to develop a great mushroom supplement for immune boosting, they didn’t realize they were also choosing great mushrooms for reducing pain naturally! They picked three of the top five medicinal mushrooms for pain relief!

Reishi mushrooms come up time and again as the best medicinal mushroom for pain relief. They are loaded with beta glucans, other polysaccharides and many beneficial compounds. Reishi is a well studied medicinal mushroom because of the huge list of potential health benefits attributed to it.

Chaga mushrooms have also been extensively studied, and research has demonstrated their ability to reduce pain and inflammation. They have the ability to produce cytokines that stimulate white blood cell production which helps our body fight infection and inflammation. Chaga mushrooms appear to have many benefits throughout the body.*

Turkey Tail mushrooms are super high in antioxidant compounds that have been shown to help reduce inflammation and pain. Turkey Tail boasts one of the biggest bodies of research for mushrooms. It has been used traditionally to enhance the immune system, combat cancer, and support digestive health. Turkey Tail mushrooms are a good example of high antioxidants being effective for reducing inflammation and pain.

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Testimonial: Perfect Mushroom Immunity for Pain Relief

Here is why we love Perfect Mushroom Immunity for chronic pain relief. One of our very own employees has been using the Perfect Mushroom Immunity to effectively manage her nerve pain and is the reason we wrote this post! Here’s what she has to say:

I suffer from chronic back pain and sciatic nerve pain due to a degenerative disc issue. I’ve tried so many things but after finding Perfect Mushroom Immunity Capsules on the Nourishing World Website I discovered that the Organic Reishi has been used to calm the nervous system – I figured it was worth a try. After 3 days I noticed a change in my nerve pain. It has been 6 months now and most days I do not have any nerve pain. Perfect Mushroom Immunity has many other benefits but this one change has been great for me after suffering for almost 5 years with chronic nerve pain. 


Cordyceps Mushrooms for Pain Relief

Cordyceps mushrooms are considered an adaptogen. This means they have the unique ability to help our bodies adjust to whatever stressors we are feeling at any given time. Traditionally, they have been used to improve athletic performance, boost energy, and enhance libido. They also contain unique, potent antioxidants and polysaccharides linked to reducing inflammation and pain.

Cordyceps are also among the top five medicinal mushrooms for pain relief! 😉

Click below to read more about the many amazing benefits of Cordyceps Mushrooms.

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Is your medicinal mushroom supplement or snack as potent as it claims?

Mushrooms have enjoyed increased popularity for a while now. This means many different supplement and snack companies started adding a little here and there into products then making claims about immunity and more. There are all kinds of goodies with mushroom powders added as processed foods manufacturers have embraced the concept of “mushrooms for health”.

This is great, except how do you know you are getting a medicinal level of potent mushrooms?

Research on mushrooms for immunity use levels of 1000mg to 3000mg. So, anything with less than 1000mg is definitley not going to reach the medicinal level. Two capsules of Perfect Cordyceps has 1100mg of pure cordyceps sinepsis and nothing else. And Perfect Mushroom Immunity has 500mg per capsule so 1500mg per serving. And the Perfect Mushroom Immunity Powder has a whopping 2400mg per 1 tsp serving!

Another indicator of the potency of medicinal mushrooms is the percentage of beta glucans, especially if something is making claims about immunity and antioxidants. If it has less than 15% then those mushrooms don’t have much immune boosting power.

And, interestingly enough, the amount of alpha-glucans is also an indicator of potency, except we want these to be low. Alpha-glucans come from the growing medium and have no medicinal value, so we don’t want many of these in a good medicinal mushroom supplement.

Perfect Mushroom Immunity tested at 28.6 Beta-Glucans and 2.37 Alpha-Glucans. This is a high quality medicinal mushroom supplement!

* These products are not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or ailment. This blog post has not been reviewed by any government agency.

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