About Our Authors

Lynn GaLynn_bio_picmwell comes to Nourishing World with decades of personal experience using various forms of alternative medicine. A social worker by profession, she first began exploring the mind/body connection within medical and therapeutic situations. Over the years, Lynn found opportunities to consult with alternative healers of various professions and discovered the world of medical care aimed at wellness rather than illness.  She has personally experienced the benefits of many forms of treatment including supplementation with natural products. She continues to use and to treat her family with natural medicines when appropriate and to use them in conjunction with allopathic medicine thereby greatly expanding the holistic potential of medical care.  Lynn hopes that she may contribute clear, useful information to ease and support others on their wellness journeys.

+Ali Wauthor_pic_alietherbee began writing for Nourishing World in 2014. She first became interested in natural health when Western medicine failed to effectively respond to her chronic health issues. She was a vegetarian for most of her life and vegan for nearly 10 years, but recently has moved toward a more traditional foods/Paleo-inspired diet in an effort to continually improve her health and that of her family. Ali is a mother to one child. She homeschools him and strives to pass on to him her healthy habits and natural health knowledge. Ali has a passion for researching and writing about various health issues and remedies.

20130407-163845.jpg+Colleen Russell is the staff product development specialist and content writer at Nourishing World.  At home, she is a mother of three, community health activist, and passionate writer. Colleen is brings a plethora of knowlege to Nourishing World about nutrition, clean eating, and complementary health. In 2010, when her baby was diagnosed with severe food allergies and her older child developed an ulcer, Colleen realized that there was a huge lack of information available, even to the medical community, about the relationship between nutrition and overall health. We are happy to have her here to share all the knowledge that she has gleaned as she continues to research family wellness.

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