Avoid Feeling Low When Stress is High


Shopping, parties, family time: How do you fit it all in? Follow these tips to stay healthy when exposure to germs & stress is high.

By Ali Wetherbee

The holidays can be fun and magical and ever-so-memorable — but this busy time of year can also really stress your mind and body. From holiday shopping to fighting traffic, from being cooped up indoors with germs to being cooped up with the in-laws, there are countless hits to our time, our finances, our health, our peace and sanity. We don’t eat as well and don’t have time to exercise. All of this leaves us especially vulnerable to all those colds and flus going around. So before you wind up in bed with a box of tissues and a hot water bottle, try these ideas. 

In Your Medicine Cabinet:

Instead of toxic, chemical-laden medicines, stock your medicine cabinet with organic vitamins and herbs and homeopathic formulas. Take these daily, but especially when you are under unusual stress or already sick.

Start with Vitamin CGet your daily vitamin C from real food supplements.

Whole Food Vitamin C belongs in every family’s medicine cabinet. Take it daily to keep your immune system functioning optimally, and begin taking it more frequently or in higher doses as soon as you feel something coming on. Vitamin C, when taken daily, can shorten the duration of the common cold. Taking one or two extra doses daily when symptoms first appear can thwart a cold before it really gets started! It also prevents and reverses free radical damage caused by oxidative stress, UV rays, and environmental toxins. Vitamin C is necessary for serotonin production, so this is a must-have for anyone suffering from depression or seasonal affective disorder.


Adapt Better to Stress

Take adaptogens during intense periods of stress. Adaptogenic herbs help you adapt to physical and mental stress and keep the body in balance. They may be particularly useful if you are experiencing anxiety, fatigue, or depression as a result of stress or tension. Stress increases cortisol levels, which may lead to chronic inflammatory conditions, weight gain, fatigue, thyroid problems, hormonal imbalances, and illness. Adaptogens such as rhodiola and cordyceps lower high cortisol levels, minimizing the harmful effects of stress on the body.


Get a Good Night’s Rest

Stress can disrupt your sleep/wake cycles, making it hard to fall asleep and sleep through the night. This leaves you even more prone to feeling stressed, and you wind up stuck in a vicious cycle. These all-natural formulas can ensure you get an adequate amount of sleep, whether you are up late wrapping gifts or at your company Christmas party past bedtime. Healthy sleep is critical to a healthy immune system, and those who get poor-quality or insufficient sleep are more likely to succumb to colds, flu, and viruses.


Support Your Immune System

Take an immune support formula to keep your immune system in tip top shape. These are an excellent way to boost your body’s resistance to illness during this stressful time of year. Inadequate sleep, poor diet, stress, lack of exercise, increased exposure to germs, aging, and chronic health conditions can all leave you much more susceptible to illness, but these supplements strengthen the immune system, naturally.


Treat Your Cold Naturally

If illness hits despite your best efforts, you will be glad to have a medicine cabinet stocked with healing herbs, vitamins, and supplements! Keep these items on hand for when you start to feel stuffy or achy. Calm Balm is an all-natural alternative to petroleum-based chest rubs, and is great for colds, aches, and pains. Manuka Honey Nuggets help soothe sore throats with organic antibacterial ingredients.


‘Tis the Season to Stay Healthy!

Keeping healthy and fighting stress is not just a physical process. Every choice we make and each action we take can leave us more stressed or more relaxed, sicker or healthier. Try these tips to stay on track toward a healthier holiday season:

Learn to Say No

You do not need to attend every party or gathering you are invited to! Pick your favorites and skip the rest. The same goes for gift swaps among friends or at the office. Feel free to opt out of those that bring you more stress than pleasure.

Designate one day a week as a “day off” and avoid errands, shopping, planning, ordering, and organizing for the entire day. Instead, read a book, watch a movie, go for a walk, or do something else relaxing. If an entire day seems unrealistic, aim for at least one stress-free evening a week. 

Focus on the Important Things in Life

Spend time with your family. Your kids or grandkids won’t remember every present under the tree or how perfectly the gifts were wrapped, but they will remember the days spent baking cookies, playing games, building snowmen, and cuddling by the fire. Take time out each day to do something that builds memories.

Be grateful. At the end of the day, instead of thinking about all the things you didn’t get done, spend some time thinking about all the things you are thankful for. Keep a Gratitude Jar with scraps of paper for family members to write down each happy moment or blessing, and read through the papers every night at dinner. Bake cookies for someone who has helped you out sometime this year. Bring gifts or food to those who are less fortunate.

naturally_healthy_holidayGet Plenty of Fresh Air and Exercise

Go for a jog before work or take an evening walk with the family to see neighborhood light displays. Enjoy winter sports such as sledding, skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating. Build a snow fort with the kids or have an impromptu dance party. It’s fine to do your workout indoors if the cold is too harsh for you, but also bundle up in a blanket and sit on your front stoop for a few minutes with a hot cup of tea and breathe in the fresh air.

Nourish Your Soul

Engage in soul-friendly practices. While you’re sitting at a red light or stuck in traffic, take some deep breaths and relax your shoulders. When someone cuts you in line at the store or pushes you aside to grab the very last can of cranberry sauce, take some time to think loving, forgiving thoughts about this rude person. Be present and live in the moment instead of spending the entire holiday season tallying your mental lists. Practice yoga, mindfulness, or meditation. All of these things will reduce your stress load and leave you stronger, healthier, and happier.

Six Supplements to Fight the Flu

Make a healthy lifestyle part of your flu fighting strategy.

Two weeks ago we posted a blog about all the potential risks associated with getting an annual flu vaccine. This week we’ll give advice on what you can do to boost your immune system and help avoid flus and colds. Remember, we are not suggesting you go buy everything listed below to start taking it all every day. But, by adding a few to your daily diet, you may find the combination that works for you to prevent or drastically shorten duration of illness.

Don’t Encourage Illness

You’re probably thinking “Well, duh!”. But, there are many things we all do in a day that encourage illness. Eating foods that have been grown in toxins, dealing with stress, and not getting enough sleep are just a few. All of this adds up, so the less we do in a day, the better it is for our bodies. So we need to do the opposite – encourage wellness. Focus on doing the things that make and keep us well and do more of those. A healthy diet, preferably organic, and regular exercise are excellent ways to encourage wellness. The following supplements also encourage wellness in our bodies, in many ways. But, for the purposes of this blog, we’ll focus on their immune boosting and virus busting properties.

Real Vitamin C

Get your daily vitamin C from real food supplements.I know, this one is a no-brainer. Everyone knows Vitamin C helps boost your immune system because it is loaded with antioxidants. But, did you know our bodies don’t produce it? So it has to be eaten every day in proper quantities to be effective against fighting flus and colds. Check out this post from September for lots of great information on Vitamin C. A whole food vitamin C supplement is a great way to make sure you and your family are getting all the vitamin C necessary to fight colds and flus. We have two great whole food Vitamin C powdered supplements from real food. They are Catie’s Whole Plant Food Vitamin C Plus and  Pure Radiance C from The Synergy Company.



Many people have heard of acai for weight loss, but did you know it is loaded with antioxidants? It has twice the antioxidant power of wild blueberries and 10 times that of red grapes! And it has 10 to 30 times more anthocyanins than red wine! Anthocyanins are the pigments in red, blue and purple foods and have mega antioxidant properties. Back in 2009, Dr. Oz talked about acai on Oprah and it became an overnight sensation. He recommended taking it daily because it is a concentrated protein source and for it’s high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value. The higher the ORAC value, the better at immune boosting. We recommend Perfect Acai in capsules or powder form because it is organically grown, fairly traded & there are never any fillers or flow agents.

Colloidal Silver

Sovereign_SilverBelieve it or not, silver is a necessary element in our bodies. It has been used medicinally for over 2000 years because of its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. In the 1970’s, Dr. Robert O. Becker, MD, conducted research at Syracuse Medical University on electrically generated silver ions. He discovered that people with the lowest amounts of silver in their bodies were prone to frequent and severe colds, flus and infections, while the people with the highest amounts of silver in their bodies were the least prone to colds, flus and infections. What’s more, their illnesses were less severe and for a shorter duration. Colloidal silver can be taken daily to help boost the immune system and increase the amount of silver in our bodies, but taking too much can be harmful. We recommend Sovereign Silver Bioactive Silver Hydrosol because it never contains stabilizers, salts, compounds, proteins, or other questionable ingredients. There are only 2 ingredients, 99.999% pure silver and pharmaceutical-grade purified water.


Eat Dirt? Absolutely.It may seem kinda crazy, but so much of our health is tied to our guts. Did you know eighty percent of our immune system is located in the digestive tract? That information alone helps us see why probiotics could be very effective at helping to avoid cold and flu viruses. There was a study done on three to five year old children that was very convincing. The children took probiotics twice a day for six months. The probiotic users had fewer fevers, less coughing, fewer runny noses, and, amazingly, 64 – 83%  less antibiotic use. There are a variety of probiotics in our store, but my favorite is Prescript-Assist. It is a multi-strain soil-based probiotic. If you are looking for a more traditional probiotic, try Just Thrive Probiotic & Antibiotic blend or Mercola Complete Probiotics.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This one may not be so widely known, but drinking a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar daily can greatly reduce your chances of getting any flu or colds. This is because it changes the pH in our bodies to alkaline, which creates a hostile environment for viruses and infections. Essentially, they can’t grow well in an alkaline environment and it even helps to kill the bacteria and infection. It is important to use a raw variety with the mothers. I get mine here. Daily, I try to drink a concoction with 2 Tb apple cider vinegar, 1 Tb raw honey (I use medicinal Manuka Honey if I’m feeling stressed or feel like I’m coming down with something) and 100% organic pomegranate or cranberry juice. I can still taste the vinegar a little, but it doesn’t bother me so much. When I actually do end up with sniffles and sneezing because of sickness, I drink 2 – 3 glasses a day. I drink them slowly, so that there is a somewhat constant infusion of alkaline fluids entering my system. Recently my sister asked if lemon will do the same thing. And yes, lemons are also acidic but I haven’t found the correct amount to fend off my own colds. Apple cider vinegar works well for me.

Elderberry Syrup

Feel the effects of elderberry & honey home remedies.Many people report great success preventing and fighting colds and flus by taking a daily dose of elderberry syrup. The use of elderberry as an herbal medicinal goes way back. Folklore around the elder tree pre-dates christianity. More recently, research done at Hadassah-Hebrew University in Israel shows how elderberry helps. They found viruses use specific enzymes to penetrate healthy cells in the nose and throat. Elderberry helps to block these enzymes, thus thwarting the infection before it starts. If it is taken after an infection is already present, it helps prevent the spread of the infection through the respiratory tract. There are many pre-made elderberry syrup supplements out there, but it is actually very easy to make and store at home for a fraction of the cost. Check out this blog we did last year for a recipe for homemade elderberry syrup and elderberry gummies. The recommended amount for prevention of flu is 1/2 to 1 tsp daily for children and adults during cold and flu season. Up this to at least 3 times a day if you already have an infection or feel one coming on.

Other Preventatives

I’m sure there are many other natural preventatives out there and welcome input from our readers. If you have a preventative that works for you, please share it with us so we can share it with the world.


Best Tips to Keep Kids Healthy Naturally This Summer

Natural Tips for Summer Kids!

Are Your Blonds Looking a Little Green?

When the heavy metal content of your swimming pool rises, the excess copper in the water can turn blond hair green. Don’t fret; just dissolve 1 teaspoon of Catie’s Vitamin C Powder in a pint-sized spray bottle. Spray it all over, rub in, and rinse after fifteen minutes.

Prevent & Treat Swimmer’s Ear Naturally

Water trapped in the outer ear canal allows bacterial growth and may cause an infection known as swimmers ear. This can be prevented or treated naturally and effectively without harsh antibiotics.
Prevention:  Place 3 drops of Sovereign Silver in each ear once a week.
Treatment: First cleanse the ear by filling with peroxide: allow to bubble and sit a few minutes. Then, drain it and dry with a tissue. Once dry, add 3 drops of Sovereign Silver to the ear and allow it to sit for three minutes. Insert a cotton ball to keep it from leaking out. Do this 2-3 times a day when signs of an infection arise.

Avoid Mosquitios & Ticks Without Using DEET

Use all-natural, DEET-free Mercola Insect Repellent to prevent mosquito and tick bites on your outdoor adventures.

Protect From Sunburn With Safe, Waterproof Sunblock

Choose an EWG-approved physical sunblock likeThinksport Kids to protect delicate skin from sunburns without dousing them in toxic chemicals.

Maintain Active Energy Levels & Boost Immunity

Keep your children healthy and active with whole-food vitamin supplements like Garden of Life Vitamin Code Kids.

Replenish Vital Electrolytes with Homemade Sports Drinks

Make a healthy, homemade sports drink out of your child’s favorite 100% juice! Use 2 cups water, 2 cups 100% juice and 1/4 tsp real sea salt. Don’t use table salt because it is missing many of the vital trace minerals found in real sea salt. Himalayan and Celtic sea salt are excellent for this.

Natural Remedies for Colds & Flu

Beat colds & flu to get back to you!

Cold and flu season is in full swing and there have been lots of runny noses and coughing around these parts lately! Fortunately, we have some great natural remedies for all those yucky symptoms.

The elderberry syrup recipe featured below is one of the first supplements to turn to when you start feeling something coming on. Rich in vitamins A, B, and C, elderberry syrup is a natural alternative to flu shots that you can make at home for only a few dollars. Not only has elderberry syrup been found to prevent the flu, but it also shortens the duration of illness for those who’ve already succumbed to the flu. Plus, you can customize homemade elderberry syrup to suit your needs — for example, substituting manuka honey for extra antiviral and antibacterial benefits, adding a spoonful or two of cocoa powder to relieve coughs, or turning it into gummy candies to better appeal to kids.

Wedderspoon Organic Manuka Honey Drops – Lemon with Bee Propolis
All the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits of manuka honey are packed into these convenient Organic Manuka Honey Drops – perfect for soothing sore throats and coughs.

We have also found vitamin C powder to stop colds in their tracks, and many studies indeed support vitamin C’s ability to lessen the severity and duration of a cold. Catie’s Vitamin C Plus is made from organic plant foods, not synthetic ascorbic acid. Mix a spoonful into a glass of water for a tasty fruit punch that’s actually good for you! Or try Pure Radiance C , a mix of wild-harvested camu camu berries and organic acerola cherries with antioxidant-rich organic fruits and berries combined to be a 100% natural form of vitamin C.

To alleviate the sinus pressure and congestion accompanying winter bugs, VAXA Sinus Formula combines traditional herbs with homeopathic ingredients to reduce sinus congestion and post-nasal drip, decrease sneezing, coughing, and swollen eyes, and eliminate that “stuck in a bell” feeling caused by blocked ears, dizziness, and vertigo. If you’re more prone to respiratory problems than sinus troubles, GHC AllerTrex eases swollen, inflamed bronchial passages and helps clear out mucous and supports the lungs.

Finally, for the congestion and all-over aches and pains that the flu may cause, Calm Balm is a natural alternative to vaporub, relieving congestion and soothing aches and pains with healing fermented cod liver oil, high vitamin butter oil, coconut oil, menthol camphor, and essential oils. And don’t forget the old standby of hot tea with lemon and honey — just a cup or two always makes me feel so much better!

While colds and flus don’t generally require antibiotics — in fact, antibiotics may be completely ineffective in these situations and contribute to the development of superbugs — some bacterial infections such as strep throat, certain sinus infections or ear infections, and some types of pneumonia may require additional treatment. Natural remedies for bacterial complications include colloidal silver, raw garlic, and manuka honey, all of which may be more effective than prescription antibiotics, without the dangerous side effects and the ability to breed superbugs.

If you do opt to take antibiotics, the best way to protect your immune system and digestive tract is to take probiotics daily during and after the course of antibiotics. Prescript-Assist restores the beneficial bacteria that are wiped out by antibiotics so that you can return to good health quickly and get back to the activities you love. Feel better soon!

Get 10% OFF these cold and flu supplements with coupon code: FluFighters

Feel the effects of elderberry & honey home remedies.

Homemade Elderberry Syrup

Wellness Mama makes this yummy elderberry syrup to prevent flu, as well as treat it. Use regular honey when making for a preventative, but use manuka honey when taking for treatment of an active illness, to give an added boost to the immune system. In addition to having powerful illness-fighting abilities, elderberry syrup is a delicious topping for pancakes, waffles, plain yogurt, or even a bowl of newly-fallen snow!


  • 2/3 cup black elderberries
  • 3 1/2 cups filtered water
  • 2 Tbs ginger root
  • 1 tsp cinnamon powder
  • 1/2 tsp cloves or clove powder
  • 1 cup raw honey (preventative) or manuka honey (acute illness)


  1. Add all ingredients except honey to a saucepan. You do not want to heat the honey, as this will destroy many of the beneficial compounds, so we’ll add this at the end.
  2. Bring to a boil.
  3. Reduce heat, cover, and simmer until liquid is reduced by about half. Wellness Mama said this will take 45 minutes to an hour, but it took me over 2 hours.
  4. Remove saucepan from heat and allow to cool a bit.
  5. Use a mesh strainer or cheesecloth to strain the liquid into a jar or bowl.
  6. The elderberries are no longer needed; you can compost them, but they are also great in pancakes or muffins!
  7. Allow the liquid to cool, then mix in the honey.
  8. Pour into smaller mason jars and refrigerate.

Recommended Dosage:

The preventative dose for kids is 1/2 – 1 tsp a day; for adults, take 1/2 – 1 Tbs a day. Many suggest skipping the weekend doses to further boost immunity.

During a cold or flu, take the usual dose, but increase the frequency to every 2-3 hours until symptoms subside.

Elderberry Gummies



  1. In a small saucepan, combine elderberry syrup and lemon juice.
  2. When it is hot, slowly add the gelatin. If it is added too fast it may clump and leave gross lumps in the gummies. Stir constantly until the  gelatin is completely dissolved. The mixture gets a glassy look when this has occurred.
  3. Remove from heat and let cool. You want it to be no warmer than 115° before you add the honey. The mixture should still be a warm enough to mix the honey easily, but not so hot it will destroy the beneficial compounds of the manuka.
  4. If you don’t have a silicon mold, then use coconut oil to grease the sides of a bread pan. Once the honey is completely combined into the mixture, pour into silicon mold or into the bread pan.
  5. Put into the freezer for 20 – 30 minutes.
  6. Remove from freezer and pop out of the mold. If you used the bread pan, then cut into bite size pieces for easier removal from the pan.

Manuka Honey & Lemon Cough Drops

If you or your child has a cough you want to treat, then these homemade gummy drops are an excellent choice. Even regular honey has been used medicinally for treating coughs, and has been shown in studies to be just as effective as over-the-counter cough suppressants. Manuka honey does this and more with its extra immune-boosting and healing  properties. Coconut oil is loaded with antioxidants and contains lauric acid, which gives it its ability to kill viruses and germs, so these little babies can help suppress the cough and help your body fight the cold at the same time.



  1. In a small saucepan, combine coconut oil and lemon juice.
  2. When it is hot, slowly add the gelatin. If it is added too fast it may clump and leave gross lumps in the gummies. Stir constantly until the  gelatin is completely dissolved. The mixture get a glassy look when this has occurred.
  3. Remove from heat and let cool. You want it to be no warmer than 115° before you add the honey, as higher temperatures will reduce the effectiveness of manuka honey.
  4. If you don’t have a silicon mold, then use coconut oil to grease the sides of a bread pan. Pour the mixture into a silicon mold or bread pan.
  5. Freeze for 20 – 30 minutes.
  6. Remove from freezer and pop out of the mold, or if you used a bread pan, use a knife to cut into bite size pieces.

All supplements mentioned above are 10% OFF! Enter coupon code “FluFighters” at checkout.

By Ali Wetherbee and Kerrie Bross

Sovereign Silver: America’s Top-Selling Colloidal Silver Supplement


Sovereign Silver was introduced in 1999 as the world’s only Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol. Colloidal silver is an anti-inflammatory supplement recommended by natural health experts to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, even for wiping out antibiotic-resistant infections and superbugs. Lab tests suggest that colloidal silver can destroy over 650 disease-causing organisms. People have used colloidal silver for sinus infections, pink eye, ear infections, swimmer’s ear, strep, staph, colds and flus, pneumonia, parasitic invasions, thrush, ringworm, wounds, burns, warts, acne, and many other conditions. Colloidal silver may encourage bone growth. It is also thought to prevent the fermentation of food in the digestive tract, alleviating symptoms such as gas, bloating, reflux, and indigestion. Many take Sovereign Silver to boost the immune system and support general health.

Silver Uses Throughout Time

Silver has had an interesting history. For centuries, silver containers were used to store perishables. Silver dinnerware was common among the wealthy and royalty, and those who ate from silver were seldom ill. In the days before modern refrigeration, silver coins were often dropped in jugs of milk to prevent spoilage. Now, among other uses, silver is often utilized to purify drinking water, including the water on NASA’s space shuttles and the International Space Station.

In the early 1800s, silver usage began to extend to the medical profession. Doctors used various forms of silver to prevent and treat infections in wounds and surgical sites as well as bacterial infections throughout the body. By the early 20th century, silver was the physicians’ go-to antibiotic. Unfortunately, this silver was expensive and not shelf stable. As pharmaceutical antibiotics such as penicillin gained popularity, the use of silver began to fall away. However, as we have seen in recent years, these modern antibiotics have led to life-threatening superbugs that are resistant to antibiotics — and antibiotics often have side effects. Silver does not harm the user and few bacteria are able to develop a resistance to it, so many are now turning (or returning!) to colloidal silver for numerous purposes.

A couple of decades ago, researchers discovered a way to create a shelf-stable colloidal silver. The resulting product was convenient, safe, and effective. Unfortunately, the FDA soon ruled that colloidal silver could not be marketed for its healing properties, but only as a mineral supplement, limiting our ability to fully discuss all the benefits of this supplement.

Colloidal Silver Safety and Side Effects

Silver is a metal that can accumulate in the body if consumed in high concentrations over extended periods of time. However, Sovereign Silver is in a solution at a very low concentration, and the particle size is very small. Therefore, even if you were to consume 7 doses of Sovereign Silver a day for 70 years, you would still be below the EPA’s Silver Reference Dose (RfD) for exposure over a lifetime. The Silver Safety Council has created a pyramid outlining safe silver usage. According to Jeffrey Blumer, MD, PhD, who directed both the Center for Drug Research and the Greater Cleveland Poison Control Center:

“Common substances like table salt and aspirin are harmless with normal use, but excessive intake can become toxic and even life-threatening. With normal responsible usage, silver supplements are entirely harmless to humans.”

Argyria is a rare, benign condition in which the skin takes on a bluish or grayish hue due to silver accumulation. While silvers containing impurities or of high concentrations may indeed cause argyria, Sovereign Silver has been evaluated and tested for purity and safety and will not cause the skin to turn blue. Argyria is usually the result of using homemade, cheap, or highly concentrated silver products.

The Purest, Best Colloidal Silver

Sovereign Silver upholds strict standards, with independent lab testing to ensure safety. This product is 99.99% pure, low in concentration (10 ppm), and has a small particle size of 0.8 nanometers. Unlike other colloidal silver products which contain no more than 10% positively charged particles, Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Hydrosols are comprised of 98% actively charged particles and contain no salts or contaminants, making it the top-selling colloidal silver product available. The hydrosol solution is created with only pharmaceutical-grade purified water. Sovereign Silver is packaged in amber glass bottles to avoid leaching toxins from plastics and maintain quality and purity.

By Ali Wetherbee

The Natural Remedies Your Natural First Aid Kit Is Missing



By Ali Wetherbee

So you have the basics — some bandages, gauze, tape, scissors, and a thermometer — but what are some natural remedies you can include in your natural first aid kit or medicine cabinet? What can you use to replace chemical-laden over-the-counter medicines and ointments from the drugstore? Below we have some of the best natural, herbal, and homeopathic remedies to help you build a natural first aid kit to be prepared for common injuries and ailments. Keep a small kit of essentials in your car, bag, or backpack to naturally treat minor injuries on the go. At home, consider creating a “healing basket” full of your favorite natural remedies, herbs, salves, teas, tinctures, and hot/cold packs or hot water bottles, so you’ll have everything on hand when anyone in your family becomes ill or injured.

Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel: A Natural Antibiotic

Sovereign_Silver_First_Aid_SpraySovereign Silver is the top-selling colloidal silver nationwide. Silver is a natural antibiotic, making this homeopathic First Aid Gel the perfect substitute for OTC antibiotic ointment, burn cream, and calamine lotion in your natural first aid kit. Use it on cuts, scrapes, burns (including sunburns), bruises, rashes, acne, and bug bites and stings, to prevent infection, soothe pain, and reduce swelling, redness, and inflammation. While you’re at it, grab a bottle of Sovereign Silver Fine Mist Spray, too, and keep it in your natural first aid kit for internal use in treating bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections.

Blue Ice Calm Balm: Natural Remedy for Muscle & Joint Pain, Colds & Congestion

Blue_Ice_Calm_BalmPetroleum-based vapor rub does not belong in a natural first aid kit. Toss the vapor rub and replace it with this all-natural Calm Balm from Green Pasture. Rub it into the chest to ease stuffiness and chest colds, or use it on sore muscles and joints for relief of aches and pains. Blue Ice Calm Balm is made from nutrient-rich oils (high vitamin butter oil, coconut oil, fermented cod liver oil) and menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus oils. Plus, you’ll get a dose of vitamins A, D, and K right through your skin!

Bentonite Clay: Draws Out Toxins

Bentonite_Liquid_ClayBentonite Clay is an excellent product to have on hand in your natural first aid kit because it can treat a variety of ailments. If you’re suffering from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or food poisoning, take some bentonite clay to speed recovery. Bentonite clay is able to bind to or absorb toxins and bacteria so that your body can eliminate them quickly. Bentonite clay can also be used for heartburn, acid reflux, bloating, and indigestion, as it has an alkalizing effect, reducing acidity in the body. Use bentonite clay externally on burns, cuts, stings, and bites (including bites from bugs, spiders, and snakes) to help draw out toxins. This is also a soothing, natural anti-itch relief for those with rashes, chicken pox, poison ivy, or skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

Natural Calm: Natural Relief for Constipation

Natural_Calm_PacksMagnesium is a gentle, natural laxative, and  Natural Calm will fit neatly into your natural first aid kit. Natural Calm magnesium is better absorbed than milk of magnesia, and much safer than OTC habit-forming laxatives. No one enjoys being all stopped up, so this is definitely one you’ll want to add to your natural first aid kit! Start with a small dose and work your way up until things are moving along well again. As a bonus, magnesium can also reduce stress, tension, and anxiety, helping you relax and sleep better, and it can ease muscle pain and stiffness.

Wedderspoon Manuka Honey: Natural Remedy for Infections

Wedderspoon_Manuka_HoneyHoney in your natural first aid kit? Yes! Wedderspoon Manuka Honey Active 16+ is a highly bioactive manuka honey with antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. Manuka honey has even been found to kill antibiotic-resistant bacterial superbug strains like MRSA. Use it either internally or externally to eliminate infections naturally. Take a spoonful up to three times a day for digestive issues and infections. Externally, you can apply a layer of manuka honey to wounds or skin infections or rashes to speed healing, prevent infection, and reduce scarring.

Walkabout Emu Oil: Soothes Muscle and Joint Pain

walkabout-australian-emu-oil-topicalYou may also want to add a bottle of Walkabout Emu Oil to your natural first aid kit. Walkabout Emu Oil is available in a topical formula, perfect for rubbing into sore muscles and joints. Whether you have a recent injury, shin splints, or growing pains, this oil (which, yes, is indeed from emus!) reduces inflammation and soreness. What’s more, emu oil can also be used for sore gums, bruises, cuts and scrapes, burns, and bites, as it is also antibacterial, reducing pain, swelling, and scarring.

Detox 101: Top Five Ways To Detoxify Your Body For the New Year


by Colleen Russell“>Colleen Russell

January is the most popular month of the year for Cleanses and Detox Diets.  It’s no wonder why:  the beginning of a new year has the wonderful feeling of starting fresh, beginning anew, and making changes for the better.  Doesn’t it feel amazing to just let go?

As with anything that reaches the realm of the popular, though, all this talk about Detox can get pretty confusing.  You may be wondering, what exactly should I be detoxifying?  What do I need to cleanse?  What do I have to gain or to lose?  Since we love a good detox, we thought it was important to remove the veil of mystery from this particular topic, and to share some of our favorite natural tools to detoxify the body and clear the mind.

What Is Detox?

Detoxification is a natural process whereby your organs and immune system process and eliminate toxins from your body.  It is the digestive system eliminating waste, the lymphatic system filtering bacteria from lymph fluid, and the kidneys filtering toxins from the blood.  Detox is a part of every living cell in the body.  So, if it is such a natural process, why do we need to help it along?

 Because our bodies were not designed to live like this.

We work too hard, we eat too much, too little, or just the wrong things.  Our world is polluted, from the air we breathe to the water we drink and the soil we use to grow our crops.  This world is just too toxic for the human body to to detoxify on its own.

What Can We Do To Detoxify Our Bodies?

So many things!  Detox is not necessarily about weight loss, energy boost, cleaning the colon, or preventing cancer (although those are some pretty enticing benefits).  Listed below are easy things you can do daily to help your body eliminate toxins naturally. Detox is about the same feeling you are given after the ball drops on New Year’s Eve:  a clean slate, a fresh start, and the opportunity to begin anew.

Top 5 Ways To Detox:

  1. Drink more pure water.  If you do nothing else, this one step can move mountains in terms of boosting your physical health and removing toxins from your body.  The National Institute of Health estimates that 48% of the adult population of the United States is chronically dehydrated.  Water plumps up the body’s tissues, creating an internal space that allows blood platelets to separate and for trapped toxins to wash away.  Filtered water, which is free of bacteria, pesticides, and other contaminants, is best.
  2. Infuse your drinks with chlorophyll!  Adding a 3 gram scoop a day of Chlorella powder to your morning smoothie or juice will infuse your body with 90 mg of bioavailable Chlorophyll.  This all-natural plant-derived greens powder is proven to bind to metals, assisting with heavy-metal detox.  Our favorite is Perfect Chlorella.
  3. Try a fulvic/humic acid mineral cleanse.  Fulvic and humic acid are proven to remove toxic metals from the blood, speeding up biochemical reactions, unblocking lymphatic passageways, and preventing cognitive impairment.  Products such as GHC’s Zeotrex are easy to add to your daily routine without making sweeping dietary changes.
  4. Colloidal Silver is a simple, relatively inexpensive, and perfectly safe method for detox.  It is non-toxic, but an effective method of destroying toxic organisms, bacteria, viruses, and even free radicals.  Sovereign Silver Bioactive Silver Hydrosol is Nourishing World’s recommendation for a safe, effective Colloidal Silver Detox.
  5. Bentonite clay is volcanic ash that binds to toxins in our body so they can be easily eliminated. All over the globe and for centuries, many cultures have been using bentonite clay to promote healing and overall good health. We like Sonne’s #7 Bentonite Clay Detoxificant because it is rich in minerals and free from impurities.

Stay tuned for more information on detox, specific detox diets tailored to your needs, and more information on how to stay healthy and toxin-free.  If you’re ready to get started on a detox plan now, try the 3 Day Detox Jumpstart from Dr. Oz and Dr. Junger, of the Clean Detox Plan.