Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper Alternative

The shopping is (almost!) done and it’s nearly time to get wrapping! Sure, you could upcycle some old newspaper or paper grocery sacks into creative alternative gift wrap, but some gifts deserve beautiful, special wrapping. But don’t run out and buy a few rolls of wrapping paper that will simply wind up in the trash; … Continue reading Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper Alternative

Eco-Friendly Gift Guide

This holiday season, shop small -- and without even leaving your house! Nourishing World is a small, family-owned business, and we appreciate your support this year. We have a variety of environmentally-conscious gift ideas that aren't only better for the earth, but healthier for the gift recipient as well. We have some great presents as … Continue reading Eco-Friendly Gift Guide

20 Disposable Products You Can Stop Buying

I learned something appalling and sobering while accompanying my son on a homeschool field trip to the local landfill last year: we are quite literally running out of room for garbage. In Rhode Island, our home state and home of Nourishing World headquarters, there is only one landfill. It is estimated that this landfill will … Continue reading 20 Disposable Products You Can Stop Buying

Go Green for Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and we have many ideas to help you celebrate... without all the toxic and disposable products and loads of candy! From eco-friendly costume ideas to healthy Halloween treats, these ideas prove you can indeed go green without putting a damper on your Halloween celebrations. Recycled Halloween Costumes Instead of buying … Continue reading Go Green for Halloween

Earth Day Sale & Top 12 Ways to Help Our Planet

Happy Earth Day! Earth Day is a day to celebrate Mother Earth with gratitude and appreciation for all that this beautiful planet provides. From cleaning up our neighborhoods, to promoting environmental awareness, to engaging in green practices, we join together today to protect our world, our environment, and our natural resources. Together we will create a … Continue reading Earth Day Sale & Top 12 Ways to Help Our Planet