21 Day Detox Plan By Dr. Erica LePore: More Recipes & Tips

January is a great time for a detox. It feels good to detox after all the holiday excess and my favorite detox is the 21 Day Detox Plan by Erica LePore, a naturopathic doctor. Many detox plans limit how much food you can eat and people feel hungry – a lot. On this detox plan, … Continue reading 21 Day Detox Plan By Dr. Erica LePore: More Recipes & Tips

Restore Your Gut – Restore Your Life

What is Restore? Restore is a revolutionary new approach to healing, which utilizes years of scientific research by medical doctors. They recognize that the underlying issue with so many modern illnesses is a lack of cell membrane integrity in the gut. In order to heal illness, the gut needs to be repaired. Restore prevents and … Continue reading Restore Your Gut – Restore Your Life

How to Beat Seasonal Allergies

By Lynn Gamwell It is allergy season, and people all around me are sniffling and snuffling their way through.  I know that I am one of the lucky ones whose allergy symptoms are mild to non-existent, but several of my near and dear are not so lucky. As soon as the trees started budding and … Continue reading How to Beat Seasonal Allergies

Homemade Toddler Formula Recipes

One of the questions we are most frequently asked is whether we sell toddler formula. There is a Nourishing World Toddler Formula; it is not, however, affiliated with us in any way. We looked into theNourishing World Toddler Formula and found that, while it did contain some great organic ingredients, many of the vitamins are … Continue reading Homemade Toddler Formula Recipes

Going Gluten Free

Research indicates that 18 million Americans -- more than 1 in 20 -- suffer from gluten sensitivity. Are you one of them? If you are experiencing chronic physical or mental health symptoms, it may be time to try a gluten-free diet. I have followed a gluten-free diet on and off for the last decade. Both … Continue reading Going Gluten Free