Healthy Breakfast Recipe: The Acai Bowl

Acai bowls have become popular in Brazil, California, and Hawaii, and the trend is slowly spreading to other parts of the world. An acai bowl is a nutrient-packed breakfast and completely customizable. You can swap out ingredients for whatever you have on hand, and this is a great way to use excess garden produce, pick-your-own … Continue reading Healthy Breakfast Recipe: The Acai Bowl

Natural Immune Boosters

By Ali Wetherbee No one enjoys being sick! A stuffy nose, inflamed sinuses, and all-over aches and pains stop you in your tracks and leave you feeling miserable. But what if there were ways to boost your immune system -- naturally! -- to improve your body’s resistance to viruses and bacteria? Fortunately, there are many … Continue reading Natural Immune Boosters

Two Healthy Recipes for Superfood Chocolates

By Ali Wetherbee Healthy chocolates?! Yes! Today we have two yummy recipes made with nutritious ingredients and superfood powders for totally guilt-free, good-for-you chocolates. Frozen Chocolate Superfood Bites Did you know grapes are a type of berry? Like most berries, grapes are nutritional powerhouses and full of healthy antioxidants, especially resveratrol. Frozen grapes give these superfood bites … Continue reading Two Healthy Recipes for Superfood Chocolates