Protect Yourself From Radiation

I recently spent a long morning at the hospital for some medical tests (everything came back fine this time, if you're wondering!) As part of this testing I had to have about 20 x-rays. I also had a nuclear medicine procedure that involved receiving an injection of a radioactive agent. Of course, the doctors and … Continue reading Protect Yourself From Radiation

Introducing HealthForce and Vitamineral Green

By Ali Wetherbee Nourishing World is pleased to introduce our new products from HealthForce. The HealthForce company was created in 1990 by holistic doctor Jameth Sheridan and naturopath Kim Sheridan. Vitamineral Green -- Vital Healing Food and Vitamineral Earth -- Sacred Healing Food were their first products. HealthForce now carries over 30 raw, vegan, superfood supplements, including general health … Continue reading Introducing HealthForce and Vitamineral Green