Hearty, Healing Chicken Soup Recipes

Coming down with a cold? Grandma was right when she said to eat your chicken soup! Amazingly, science has shown chicken soup to alleviate upper respiratory infections because the nourishing ingredients decrease migration of a type of white blood cell called a neutrophil, thereby reducing inflammation. In addition, the steam from a hot cup of soup … Continue reading Hearty, Healing Chicken Soup Recipes

The #1 Paleo Superfood: Hydrolyzed Collagen

The word "collagen" comes from the Greek word kolla, which means glue. We can think of collagen as the glue that holds the body together, giving it its structure, strength, and flexibility. Collagen comprises more of the body than any other protein and is found in nearly every part of the human body. It is essential for … Continue reading The #1 Paleo Superfood: Hydrolyzed Collagen

Cure Tooth Decay

By Ali Wetherbee If you are looking for a natural or holistic alternative to Western dentistry, Ramiel Nagel’s book Cure Tooth Decay is a valuable resource. Drilling, filling, and root canals are not the only methods of treating cavities! This book teaches you how to remineralize teeth, slowing down and even reversing cavities. Author Ramiel Nagel … Continue reading Cure Tooth Decay