Dangers of Caffeine in Supplements

By Ali Wetherbee Just last week a tragic story made news headlines worldwide. A young woman from Scotland, Cara Reynolds, died after taking a raspberry ketone supplement produced by Forza containing large amounts of caffeine. Cara’s grief-stricken family is now pushing for this product to be taken off the shelves. According to news reports, Ms. … Continue reading Dangers of Caffeine in Supplements

Eliminate Toxins from Your Body with Liver Rescue

By Ali Wetherbee No matter how vigilant we are, we are all exposed to numerous toxins every day. From chemically treated municipal water supplies and air pollution to commercial cleaners, BPA-contaminated plastic food containers, and the mercury in dental fillings and compact fluorescent light bulbs, these toxins are everywhere and virtually impossible to completely avoid. … Continue reading Eliminate Toxins from Your Body with Liver Rescue