Detox 101: Top 5 Ways to Detoxify Your Body for the New Year!

by Colleen Russell January is the most popular month of the year for Cleanses and Detox Diets.  It's no wonder why:  the beginning of a new year has the wonderful feeling of starting fresh, beginning anew, and making changes for the better.  Doesn't it feel amazing to just let go? As with anything that reaches the … Continue reading Detox 101: Top 5 Ways to Detoxify Your Body for the New Year!

Making Time to Take Care of You!

By Lynn Gamwell During the safety drill on airplanes a flight attendant calmly recites the first rule of tending to your family in an emergency. She (or he) says“Put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others”. This is a perfect metaphor for what we all know instinctually but often forget to do when … Continue reading Making Time to Take Care of You!

Spring Detox

Spring has sprung! The birds are chirping, the trees are budding, and the first early flowers are beginning to poke out from the dirt. Spring is a beautiful time of rebirth and renewal, and just as the world around us is waking up, cleansing, and renewing itself, our bodies, too, could use a little Spring … Continue reading Spring Detox

Post-Holiday Slim Down

The holidays have come and gone but that excess weight may be here to stay! Whether you gained a few pounds over the holiday season or simply want to get in shape and feel better in 2016, these slim-down tips will get you started on the right track. Start by Detoxing Especially if your diet … Continue reading Post-Holiday Slim Down

Protect Yourself From Radiation

I recently spent a long morning at the hospital for some medical tests (everything came back fine this time, if you're wondering!) As part of this testing I had to have about 20 x-rays. I also had a nuclear medicine procedure that involved receiving an injection of a radioactive agent. Of course, the doctors and … Continue reading Protect Yourself From Radiation