Thanksgiving, Paleo-Style

I love Thanksgiving. It seems that frequently when we get together with family, there are presents involved. Whether it’s birthdays or other holidays during the year, very often my parents or my in-laws are giving the kids a present for some reason or another. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful to have such great people … Continue reading Thanksgiving, Paleo-Style

Get Your Apples On! My Five Favorite Healthy Apple Recipes

Apple season is in full swing and I've been happily cooking with them all week! My apple obsession started as a kid. I have fond memories of apple picking with just my family and also with extended family. We'd make a day of going out to an orchard and picking a big bag of apples, drinking … Continue reading Get Your Apples On! My Five Favorite Healthy Apple Recipes

Improve Your Energy in One Protein- Packed Bite!

by Kerrie Bross So the kids are back in school now and probably feeling a little run down. Boost their energy with snacks that are high in protein and loaded with antioxidants to support the immune system during stressful times, like back-to-school. Why are these such great snacks? Aside from being tasty balls of goodness, they are … Continue reading Improve Your Energy in One Protein- Packed Bite!

Rehydrate with Super Summer Slushes!

AAAAAAAHHHH!!!! Nothing is better on a hot afternoon than a cold wet slush. Below are some recipes to help you and your kids rehydrate and fuel up for more fun in the sun. Read on for some basic recipes to get you started. I'm sure you will come up with more of your own. Nutrient Boosting … Continue reading Rehydrate with Super Summer Slushes!

Eat More Nutrient Dense Kale!

By Lynn Gamwell You have heard it many times. Eat your greens! Eat more kale! But some days if I have to face one more kale juice or smoothie or plate of steamed kale I think I will just quit! Fortunately I have a few tricks up my sleeve for turning one more bunch of … Continue reading Eat More Nutrient Dense Kale!