Bust Holiday Stress

By Ali Wetherbee The holidays can be fun and magical and ever-so-memorable -- but this busy time of year can also really stress your mind and body. From holiday shopping to fighting traffic, from being cooped up indoors with germs to being cooped up with the in-laws, there are countless hits to our time, our … Continue reading Bust Holiday Stress

Paleo Holiday Recipes

So, if you're like me, then most people you know still have a modern diet and holiday parties are filled with lots of enticing foods that are loaded with flour, sugar and processed oils. I feel a little better when I bring something that is both tasty and healthy. I know I can eat that … Continue reading Paleo Holiday Recipes

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain with These Tips

By Ali Wetherbee On average, men and women gain about 5 pounds over the holidays. Turkey and stuffing, freshly baked Christmas cookies and eggnog, and your mom’s famous cheesy casserole can ruin even the best intentions. The holidays are probably not the time to start a new diet -- too many temptations! -- but you … Continue reading Avoid Holiday Weight Gain with These Tips

Planet-Friendly Gift Wrap

Order now & save 10% on 3 or more Envirosax bags with coupon code: EcoWrap By Ali Wetherbee Each year, 4 million tons of wrapping paper and gift bags end up in the landfill. That is enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields. This holiday season, instead of adding to all the waste, why not … Continue reading Planet-Friendly Gift Wrap