Eliminate Toxins from Your Body with Liver Rescue

By Ali Wetherbee No matter how vigilant we are, we are all exposed to numerous toxins every day. From chemically treated municipal water supplies and air pollution to commercial cleaners, BPA-contaminated plastic food containers, and the mercury in dental fillings and compact fluorescent light bulbs, these toxins are everywhere and virtually impossible to completely avoid. … Continue reading Eliminate Toxins from Your Body with Liver Rescue

Dr. Junger’s 3-Day Liquid Cleanse

By Ali Wetherbee This diet is ideal for what Dr. Junger calls the "fat all over" body type. You may feel sluggish and addicted to processed foods, and rely heavily on frozen dinners, boxed meals, diet foods, packaged snacks, and processed soups and sauces. This cleanse is designed to give your digestive system a break, boost your metabolism, … Continue reading Dr. Junger’s 3-Day Liquid Cleanse