Paleo, Primal, or WAPF? The Best Traditional Diet

Last month, we went over the basics of adopting a Paleo diet. A couple of questions arose after this last post: Is this the only healthy alternative to the Standard American Diet? Does every health-conscious individual really follow such strict guidelines all the time? Are there other traditional diets that can fit into our modern lifestyles? … Continue reading Paleo, Primal, or WAPF? The Best Traditional Diet

Gluten-Free, Paleo Gravy

By Ali Wetherbee Could Paleo gravy really be part of a healthy diet? For decades we have been instructed to cut out fats and salt, making gravy an off-limits food for many of us. The tide is finally changing, and researchers are recognizing what traditional cultures have known for centuries: not only does fat NOT … Continue reading Gluten-Free, Paleo Gravy