How to Choose the Best Probiotic for You

The benefits of probiotics have been known for thousands of years. The use of fermented foods for intestinal and digestive problems was written about in ancient Rome, the Middle East and Asia. People knew to use probiotics for health before they ever knew probiotics were the beneficial part of the fermented foods. Today, information on … Continue reading How to Choose the Best Probiotic for You

Feeling Crappy After Eating Poorly Through the Holidays? We Can Help.

One of my biggest weaknesses are the desserts. I love desserts of all kinds and the holidays are usually loaded with all kinds of sweet goodies to try. Well all that sugar and flour has done a number on my system and I bet there are more than a few of you out there also … Continue reading Feeling Crappy After Eating Poorly Through the Holidays? We Can Help.

Secrets of Aging Wisely

"There has been an explosion of science in the field of aging. And I think the public doesn’t realize how far aging research has come. We have a lot of ideas about the mechanisms of aging, and tons and tons of pathways that can be optimized, tweaked, or activated to possibly extend lifespan. I think … Continue reading Secrets of Aging Wisely

The Truth about Fermented Foods

Traditional cultures around the world have utilized fermentation in their diets for all of recorded history. Before modern times it was one of the best ways to preserve food, including meat and fish, without refrigeration. But fermentation has it’s own health building benefits which many traditional societies sought with production of such well known fermented … Continue reading The Truth about Fermented Foods

Winterize Your Immune System

From now until November 30, receive 10% OFF immune boosters with coupon code: Ready4Winter Winter is right around the corner and cold and flu season is already beginning. Don’t wind up in bed for days surrounded by tissues and heat packs! Get your immune system in tip-top shape with these whole food immune boosting supplements. Now is the time to … Continue reading Winterize Your Immune System