Bust Holiday Stress

By Ali Wetherbee The holidays can be fun and magical and ever-so-memorable -- but this busy time of year can also really stress your mind and body. From holiday shopping to fighting traffic, from being cooped up indoors with germs to being cooped up with the in-laws, there are countless hits to our time, our … Continue reading Bust Holiday Stress

Five Ways to De-Stress

By Ali Wetherbee Stress comes in many forms -- home life, work, family, friends, drama, fun, finances, and more. Instead of focusing on the many burdens and challenges we each face, take some time to relax, unwind, and undo any damage all that stress may have done. Here are 5 ways to lower your stress level this … Continue reading Five Ways to De-Stress

8 Signs Your Pet Needs Probiotics

By Ali Wetherbee Do you give your dog or cat probiotics? Just like in humans, probiotics help your pet’s digestive system run smoothly, strengthen his immune system, and improve his overall health. While all pets can benefit from supplemental probiotics, the signs below are indicators that your cat or dog may be in need of … Continue reading 8 Signs Your Pet Needs Probiotics

Recommendations from Doctors Part 1: Rhodiola for Stress and Fatigue

By Ali Wetherbee In this 3-part series, we’ll give you the lowdown on what some doctors are recommending lately. Part 1, below, features a powerful supplement that can combat the effects of stress on the body and fight fatigue. Part 2 will highlight weight loss recommendations. In Part 3, we’ll discuss all-natural remedies for a … Continue reading Recommendations from Doctors Part 1: Rhodiola for Stress and Fatigue