Trick or Treat? What to Do With All That Candy!

By Ali Wetherbee You work hard to ensure your kids eat healthy foods. You try to buy organic, GMO-free produce and all-natural supplements… and then they come home on Halloween night with a huge bag of sugar-laden, genetically-modified candy made with artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners. What to do? You don’t want to take all the … Continue reading Trick or Treat? What to Do With All That Candy!

Natural Sweeteners 101

By Ali Wetherbee Why choose natural sweeteners? There are many reasons to avoid highly processed sugars. They are bad for your teeth, spike blood sugar and insulin, have been implicated in heart disease, can lead to obesity, and may cause mood and behavioral problems. Refined sugars go by various names, including granulated sugar, corn syrup, … Continue reading Natural Sweeteners 101