Seven Reasons to Add Perfect Desiccated Liver to Your Diet

By Ali Wetherbee What is desiccated liver? It's powdered cows' livers -- "desiccated" means dried -- and Perfect Supplements' desiccated liver is all natural, gluten-free, non-GMO, and so good for you! Check out the top seven reasons to add desiccated liver to your regime: 1. Chock Full of Nutrients Perfect Desiccated Liver tablets are made from grass fed desiccated liver -- a … Continue reading Seven Reasons to Add Perfect Desiccated Liver to Your Diet

Healthy Homemade Mayo and Ranch Dressing

By Ali Wetherbee Homemade Mayonnaise Store-bought mayonnaise nearly always contain refined vegetable oils such as canola oil -- definitely not part of a healthy, natural diet! You don't have to give up this creamy, tasty condiment though. The mayo below can be substituted for commercial mayo in any of your favorite recipes, mixed with herbs for dips and sauces, or used alone as … Continue reading Healthy Homemade Mayo and Ranch Dressing

Cure Tooth Decay

By Ali Wetherbee If you are looking for a natural or holistic alternative to Western dentistry, Ramiel Nagel’s book Cure Tooth Decay is a valuable resource. Drilling, filling, and root canals are not the only methods of treating cavities! This book teaches you how to remineralize teeth, slowing down and even reversing cavities. Author Ramiel Nagel … Continue reading Cure Tooth Decay