Ready To Go Paleo?

Nearly four years ago, I sat in a cramped booth at the Chipotle restaurant down the street and ate my first bite of meat in almost 20 years. I was reluctant to dig in, afraid the tiny pieces of chicken that I stabbed with my plastic fork would leave me feeling ill or simply grossed … Continue reading Ready To Go Paleo?

Healthy Halloween Treats

We all know our kids will soon be coming home with bags stuffed with candy full of artificial sweeteners and GMOs. So rather than contribute to the junk food extravaganza, make these healthy Halloween snacks instead! These Halloween treats are perfect for a spooky school event offering, a party spread, or simply a special snack to enjoy at home … Continue reading Healthy Halloween Treats

Paleo Grain-Free Pumpkin Granola

See that picture above? I took that just a few minutes ago and my bowl is already empty. I only intended to taste a small bite, but this grain-free pumpkin granola is so good -- crunchy and flavorful, with just a hint of saltiness, perfectly balanced with sweetness -- it's hard to resist going back … Continue reading Paleo Grain-Free Pumpkin Granola

Homemade Toddler Formula Recipes

One of the questions we are most frequently asked is whether we sell toddler formula. There is a Nourishing World Toddler Formula; it is not, however, affiliated with us in any way. We looked into theNourishing World Toddler Formula and found that, while it did contain some great organic ingredients, many of the vitamins are … Continue reading Homemade Toddler Formula Recipes

Healthy Breakfast Recipe: The Acai Bowl

Acai bowls have become popular in Brazil, California, and Hawaii, and the trend is slowly spreading to other parts of the world. An acai bowl is a nutrient-packed breakfast and completely customizable. You can swap out ingredients for whatever you have on hand, and this is a great way to use excess garden produce, pick-your-own … Continue reading Healthy Breakfast Recipe: The Acai Bowl