The Two “Supplements” That Provide Everything You Need

What’s even better than a quality multivitamin? Getting your vitamins and minerals from real foods! Vitamineral Green and Vitamineral Earth are Actual Food™ formulated with specific nutritional and therapeutic purposes in mind. Because these are real foods -- not supplements -- they can be used in any amount and are completely non-toxic. You can take … Continue reading The Two “Supplements” That Provide Everything You Need

Vitamineral Earth: Sacred Healing Food™

By Ali Wetherbee HealthForce's Vitamineral Earth is designed to be used in teas, soups, and broths, providing nutritive healing and detoxification. It contains the four essiac herbs, an ancient formula popularized by nurse Rene M. Caisse, who used the blend in teas to successfully treat cancer patients. The four essiac herbs are: Rhubarb Root, a … Continue reading Vitamineral Earth: Sacred Healing Food™